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Quiz: What kind of concept would you use if you were a K-Pop Idol?

If you were a female K-Pop Idol, what kind of concept would your group have? Let's find out which one fits your personality the best.

Being a K-Pop Idol is easy, there is a lot of pressure to look and act perfect. However, since it seems glamorous, a lot of people would like to try this job. Today we are avoiding the hard part: the long training period.

Let's create an imaginary situation: you are going to debut in a girl group pretty soon. As you may know, the music and image of every single group are determined by a general concept. Also, is really important that the members can be comfortable with that concept.

This quiz will take into consideration a little bit of your personality to find out what concept is perfect for you. Nowadays, there are tons of different concepts, however, let's talk about the classic ones: girl crush, sexy, cute and dark.

We all love these concepts, do you have a favorite one? Are you ready to know your own K-Pop style? Answered with the option that is closer to your preferences. Look for paper and let's begin!

QUIZ: If you were a K-Pop, what concept would your group use?

► Choose a boy group

► Choose a male solo artist

► Choose your favorite outfit color

► Choose a BLACKPINK song

► Choose a SEVENTEEN song

► Choose a K-Pop leader

► Choose a K-Pop maknae

Now, it is time to find out what is your concept. Here we go!

1. Mostly A: Sexy

You're hot as hell! Your group will be making the public crazy with sexy but sophisticated choreographies.

SISTAR for 'Alone' / Twitter @stealersmom

2. Mostly B: Girl crush

You have a powerful stage presence. You're confidence and attitude are perfect for this music style.

ITZY for 'In The Morning' / Twitter @ITZYofficial

3. Mostly C: Dark

You are a thoughtful person. That makes you the perfect member of a group that uses the dark concept to share deep stories.

Dreamcatcher for 'Boca' / Twitter @genie92972096

4. Mostly D: Cute

Everyone loves your natural charisma. Cuteness is your strength. No one can deny you whatever you want with those adorable facial expressions.

Oh My Girl for 'Secret Garden' / Twitter @todayjiho

Do you want to know some creative K-Pop concepts? These groups have the most unique ones.

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