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Quiz: What is your compatibility level with STRAY KIDS' Lee Know?

Lee Know is an excellent artist who works hard in STRAY KIDS, do you have much in common with him? Our quiz will tell you

STRAY KIDS is a group full of talented members, if you are a fan of Lee Know then take this quiz to find out if you are compatible with him.

In STRAY KIDS we find the talent of a lot of extremely amazing idols, among them is Lee Min Ho who is mostly known by his stage name Lee Know since, well, we meet another very famous man who has the same name, LOL. But this idol is also very talented.

Minho who we can enjoy in SKZ, is an amazing dancer and singer. His specialty is actually dancing and this is why he is a part of DANCERACHA, the expert choreography sub-unit of STRAY KIDS. Lee Know has shocked the whole world with his amazing talents on stage.

Lee Know eminently shines alongside his fellow STRAY KIDS members, he also has a super handsome and funny personality. He is also someone who does not keep his opinion to himself, if he has to express something he does it. But this doesn't mean he's careless or something, he really cares about STAY and his teammates.

If Lee Know is your bias from STRAY KIDS, then you should take this quick and fun quiz that will tell you how much in common you have with him, could you be his soul mate? Find out in the following questions about compatibility.

Quiz: Are you compatible with Lee Know from STRAY KIDS?

What do you like to watch most in your free time?

How do you think your personality is?

Which of these is one of your hobbies?

Are you really compatible with Lee Know? | Twitter: @linoscookie

 What habit do you have when you are nervous?

What animal do you have or would you like to have as a pet?

What is your favorite season of the year?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see what results this quiz has! 

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility level

You have a low compatibility level with Lee Know since both of you won't share a lot of things in common, but we know that he'd love to get to know you.

You're not very compatible with Lee Know | Twitter: @linospixie

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility level

You and Lee Know have an average compatibility, you could be good friends since you share some things in common, but you're also different with other aspects.

You could be Lee Know's friend | Twitter: @linospixie

3. Mostly C: High compatibility level

You have a high compatibility level with Minho, we're sure you could be his soulmate since you're pretty similar to him when it comes to interests and personality.

Lee Know is your soulmate | Twitter: @minhopilled

We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you if you're compatible with Han, another STRAY KIDS member. 

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