Would you date BTS' Jimin? Would you date BTS' Jimin?

Quiz: How would your first date with BTS' Jimin be like?

ARMY dreams of having a date with one of the members of BTS, how would yours be with Jimin? Find it out with this quiz

Jimin has conquered many fans and there are millions who would like to go out with this member from BTS, what would your first date with him be like? Our quiz will tell you.

Every member from BTS has many talents, abilities, and their passion and dedication for music shows every time they take to the studio and stage. This is why they have managed to capture the attention of so many fans, in the first instance.

But it's not just about their music, when you get to know the boys that are part of Bangtan Sonyeondan better, you notice their true essence. The personalities of these idols have also managed to steal the hearts of ARMY. And there is no exception with Jimin, vocalist and dancer of the idol group who not only stands out for his incredible skills.

Park Jimin has also conquered the public thanks to his cute personality, his way of being gives him a bright aura that many can notice. In addition to that we can not miss the visual of this artist. His physical features have made him one of the most attractive idols in the industry.

Surely many fans have imagined what it would be like to go out with Jimin, and think of the coolest scenarios, what would yours be like? Take our quiz and find it out.

Quiz: How would you go on a first date with Jimin from BTS?

How do you think your personality is?

 What kind of outfit would you like to wear to your first date with Jimin?

How do you think Jimin would ask you out on a date?

How would you go on a date with Jimin? | Twitter: @bonjooonsai

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which word best defines you? 

Would you kiss Jimin on your first date?

Would you date Jimin? | Twitter: @emilia_tanori

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz!

1. Mostly A: In his dance studio

Jimin will want to show you his most passionate side for dancing on your first date, so he will invite you to his dance studio where he will show you his best moves, he could even teach you some of his choreography. Maybe you'll order some snacks for delivery because you will end up very tired after a great dance session.

Jimin will invite you to his dance studio | Twitter: @yoonmlned

2. Mostly B: In a fancy restaurant

You are not a joke to Jimin, he is really taking you seriously and wants to have a dream date with you. This is why he chose the fanciest restaurant in Korea. So he put on a beautiful suit that looks good on him and you were able to arrive full of glamour and with the sensuality that characterizes you. You will have a candlelight dinner.

You'll have a fancy date with this Jimin | Twitter: @parkchels0613

3. Mostly C: Home date

Perhaps you have talked a lot with Jimin about your favorite romantic movies and a lazy Sunday would be perfect for you to have a first date, it may not be the most formal thing in life but it is a very comfortable moment for both of you. Would this date seem very intimate? Both of you holding hands with a blanket that covers your bodies while you eat sweets and have a movie marathon.

You'll have a comfy Jimin at home | Twitter: @1995slmts_arcv

You can imagine more perfect dates with Jimin, but maybe these are just the beginning of something better in the dream world of ARMY.

We have more quizzes for you, here's one that will tell you how would you catch Jungkook's attention.

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