How would you meet STRAY KIDS' Lee Know in person? How would you meet STRAY KIDS' Lee Know in person?

Quiz: How would you meet Lee Know from STRAY KIDS in person?

Wouldn't it be cool to meet STRAY KIDS' Lee Know on the streets? Thake our quiz and find out where would you get to meet him

Lee Know from STRAY KIDS is such a talented artist, he's also a great guy with a cool personality, STAY dreams of getting to meet him and show him their support, how would you do it? Take our quiz to find it out!

STRAY KIDS has a lot of talent, all of the members of this idol group are good at their jobs, as singers, dancers or rappers they will always give the best to show the world all of their abilities and skills in music. It's amazing to listen to their songs and see them perform.

One of these SKZ idols is Lee Know, he's such a great and passionate dancer, he's also good at singing and has a great personality. We love a lot of things about this artist, his expressions and more tend to show us all of his sides which he cannot hide.

Fans also admire the beauty of Minho, he's truly hamndsome and a lot of STAYs have him as their ultimate bias since thay can't help it and fell in love with this STRAY KIDS member. It would be a dream for us to meet him and maybe get his autograph or a selca by his side.

Wouldn't you love to meet Lee Know in person? Here we have a quick quiz for you to know how would you meet this STRAY KIDS idol on the streets.

Quiz: Where would you meet STRAY KIDS' Lee Know on the street?

Which one of these pets do you have or would you like to have?

What would be your firts reaction if you meet  Lee Know in person?

What would you like to get if you meet Lee Know?

How would you get to meet Lee Know? | Twitter: @aboutknowju

 What do you like the most about Lee Know?

What would you say to Lee Know when you meet him?

What if Lee Know gives you his number upon meeting him?

Did you write your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: At the park

Lee Know loves to take pictures, so maybe he'll got to this park and while you were taking your dog for a walk you spotted him and runned towards him, you were so excited and he'd definitively love t you, pet your dog and take a picture with you with his Instax.

You'd meet Lee Know at a park | Twitter: @hyunhotime

2. Mostly B: At the coffee shop

You were with your friends at their favorite coffee shop when you spotted Lee Know, you were kinda shy but your friends encouraged you to talk to him. You'd approach him politely. He'd be so happy to meet you, you get his autograph and he'd aso buy another coffee for you.

You'd meet Lee Know at a coffee shop | Twitter: @DANCERACHAFILES

3. Mostly C: At the animal shelter

Maybe you don't know it but Minho loves cats so much, sometimes he wears some accesories to help animal shelters, but this time he wanted to be a volunteer for one of them and it's the same one you use to visit when they need help. There's where you meet him but you're here to help cats, so maybe at lunch time you'd talk to him or something.

You'd meet Lee Know at a cat shelter | Twitter: @LMHo1025_

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