This quiz will reveal how you'd get Jungkook's attention This quiz will reveal how you'd get Jungkook's attention

Quiz: How would you get BTS Jungkook's attention?

Have you ever wondered how hard would it be to catch BTS' Jungkook attetion? Find it out with this quiz

There's no doubt that wherever BTS' members go, they get all of the attention, since they're famous and they have this stunning visuals that will let everyone in awe, but, will it be hard to steal some glances from them? Let's find out how would you caught Jungkook's attention with this quiz.

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member in BTS, aka Golden Maknae, he has a lot of talent and not only for music, he also is good at painting and drawing, he's pretty smart and sometimes amazes his hyungs since he can learn everything in an easy and fast way.

ARMY can't stop loving Jungkook, he also has a great personality, his different ways of expression and freedom keep conquering fans' hearts. He might be also be very cute and has his own human side, there are a lot of things that you can appreciate from this idol.

And even if his abilities and personality are not enough for you to fall in love with JK, he's very handsome, having delicate and strong features in his face, a unique style and much more that make him attractive for a lot of fans all over the world.

Wherever Jungkook would appear, he'd get all of the attention and it would be hard not to look at him since he also has a strong presence, but... How could you catch his attention? Find it out with this quiz.

BTS Quiz: How would you get Jungkook's attention?

Where do you think that you'd find Jungkook?

How would your friends describe you?

How would you react if you see Jungkook in the street?

How would you catch Jungkook's attetion? | Twitter: @VKFLORAL

Which memory would you like to have from Jungkook after meeting him?

Which one is your charming point?

How's your personality?

Would you get Jungkook's attention? | Twitter: @AnaRajpOOt3

Did you write your answers down? Let's check the results of this quiz! 

1. Mostly A: With your beauty

You're beautiful and you know it and everywhere you go you're stealing glances and more, so you'll get Jungkook's attetion with your sightliness and great style, would you feel daring enough to get JK's phone number?

Jungkook would be amazed by your beauty | Twitter: @babyjfrmbts

2. Mostly B: With your personality

You have this sparkling and fresh personality, you're really good with words and you know you have a great power since you'd win everyone's hearts with just the way you are, so maybe that'd caught Jungkook's attention who'd like to discover more about you.

Jungkook would love your personality | Twitter: @goforthewinbts

3. Mostly C: With your cuteness

You're someone who's shy, but that makes you look really cute, he'd look at this one who is kinda hiding, there, and looks at him with such love and tenderness, he'd totally wish to get to know more about you and the misteries you're concealing.

Your cuteness will steal Jungkook's heart | Twitter: @Manpree72669909

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