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Quiz: How well do you remember Lee Min Ho's K-Dramas?

Have you watched all of Lee Min Ho's dramas? Then take this quick quiz to find out what you also remember from each of his series

Lee Min Ho has given us great characters in different K-Dramas that his fans have seen over and over again, how well can you remember them? Take our quiz and find out.

Lee Min Ho is an amazing Korean actor who has delighted audiences with his work in loads of K-Dramas with the best characters and plots. He is a true professional in front of the cameras and his facets in acting show us more of his talent and abilities.

With the popularization of Korean dramas all over the world, Minho has won the hearts of millions of fans all over the planet. So in different countries we will find people who faithfully follow his work, support all his projects and show his love for this actor.

Perhaps you have binge-watched the series starring Lee Min Ho, great stories that have been part of his career and in which he has presented different characters. A lot of the K-Dramas he has participated in have become classics that the public enjoys no matter how much time passes.

If you're a big fan of Lee Min Ho, then take this quick and fun quiz to find out how well you remember each of this amazing actor's series.

Quiz: Do you remember everything about K-Dramas starring Lee Min Ho?

What was the first drama starring Lee Min Ho?

In which K-Drama Lee Min Ho embodied Lee Gon?

In which drama did Lee Min Ho work with actress Jun Ji Hyun?

Choi Young was Lee Min Ho's character in this drama

Can you remember Lee Min Ho's dramas well? | Twitter: @ParadiseMino

 In which K-Drama did Lee Min Ho have his first role as a villain?

Which actress was Lee Min Ho's partner in The King: Eternal Monarch?

In which drama did Lee Min Ho sing the song 'Painful Love' for the OST?

Did you write down your answers? Here we have the results of the quiz

1. 70-90 Points

You need to watch all of the Lee Min Ho K-Dramas once again since you can't remember anything at all about them. Binge-watch them and take the quiz once again!

You need to re-watch Lee Min Ho's dramas | Twitter: @leeminhotrends

2. 100-150 points

You can remember some things about Lee Min Ho dramas but not everything at all, you need to rewatch some of them or read more about their cast and those fun facts.

You remember some things about Lee Min Ho's dramas | Twitter: @minholics_india

3. 160-210 points

You're a Lee Min Ho expert, you do remember evrything about his K-Dramas, were sure you can recite the whole scripts.

You're the best Lee Min Ho fan | Twitter: @brunette931

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