Take this Harry Styles quiz now! Take this Harry Styles quiz now!

Quiz: How well do you know Harry Styles songs?

Are you a fan of Harry Styles? Then take this fun quiz to test your memory with his songs

Harry Styles fans really love all of this singer's songs and may know them by heart, do you too? Prove it with this quick quiz.

Harry Styles is an excellent artist who has been showing off his greatest talents for quite some time. His story begins with his debut in the boy band One Direction. Although this is now on indefinite hiatus, this does not mean that the musical career of this singer is over.

As a solo artist, Harry has also attracted a lot of attention with his songs, he is just an amazing singer and really great. With his lyrics, beats and even performances they have completely conquered us and his fans as well who follow him mainly because of his great music and beautiful voice.

Each Styles song is a different story and adventure, so there really is something for every mood, feeling and occasion, he is a truly exceptional artist. Have you already chosen your favorite Harry Styles song? Many of them have been very popular since the soloist's debut.

So if you love Harry Styles songs, then here we have a little quiz for you to test your knowledge or how well you remember the lyrics, MVs, beats and more in this singer's releases.

Quiz: How well do you remember these Harry Styles songs?

Which Harry Styles song contains these lyrics: And the coffee's out, at the Beachwood Cafe?

Which of these Harry Styles songs does not have a music video?

Which of these songs is on Harry Styles' Fine Line album?


Which of these singers has Harry Styles covered?

Which of these Ariana Grande songs did Harry Styles co-write?

For which of these artists, Harry Styles has not co-written any songs?

Did you write down your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. 60-90 points: Harry Styles' music amateur

You don't know a lot about the songs from Harry Styles, he has worked in some projects you might not know before, but it's okay, you can keep listening to his songs, covers and collabs as a co-writer.

2. 100-140 points: Harry Styles' music knowledgest

You know some things about Harry Styles songs, and you remember well some lyrcs and facts but you're not an expert, tho. So keep listening to Harry's songs and more of his work.

3. 150-180 points: Harry Styles' music expert

You know everything about Harry Styles songs and music, you even know for whom he has written songs and covered too! That's great, we respect your knowledge!

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