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Quiz: How much do you know about TXT?

If you are MOA then you know all the secrets of TXT, right? Show how much you know with this fun quiz

Tomorrow X Together is one of the best K-Pop groups and has many fans who know everything about the group, how much do you know? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.

TXT has impacted the K-Pop industry with the great talents of each of the idols that are part of this group. 5 highly skilled idols came together to shine in the studio and on stage with every song and performance. This is how they have managed to catch the attention of many fans around the world.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about the members of Tomorrow X Together and those who appreciate these artists the most are the people who belong to MOA, the faithful fandom that never stops supporting and showing all their love for TXT at any time. The success of the boy band is more and more visible in each new comeback or each new performance.

And as fans, TXT followers want to know everything about idols, their stories, origins, experiences and more that are sometimes revealed in interviews, variety shows, behind the scenes and other content that the idol group usually reveals for MOA. So maybe the fan base knows absolutely everything about these idols.

And if you know a lot about TXT, then you can prove it with this fun quiz that we have prepared for MOA, find out what level of fan you are with this little test.

Quiz: Do you know all the secrets about TXT?

Who is the leader of TXT? 

Which member of TXT is left-handed? 

Who is the oldest idol in TXT? 

Take this TXT quiz | Twitter: @soyaluvsTXT

Which of these is the TXT's show? 

Which of these TXT songs is in English? 

In which BTS video does TXT's Yeonjun appear? 

When was TXT's first world tour? 

 Write your score and let's chek the results of this quiz!

1. 60-90 poinst: Baby MOA

You don't know everything about TXT, that makes you a Baby MOA, but it doesn't matter if you can keep reading or watching videos about these idols to get to know them better.

You're a Baby MOA | Twitter: @txtachievements

2. 100-120 points: Junior MOA

You know a lot of things about TXT but not all of them secrets, that's why you're a Junior MOA, but it's okay, keep reading and getting to know more about Tomorrow X Together.

You know some things about TXT | Twitter: @TXT__News

3. 130-180 Points: Expert MOA

You're an expert MOA, you know everything about TXT, and you took this test and it was so easy for you, congrats! Tomorrow X Together members would love to get to know you since you're an amazing kind of fan.

You're the best TXT fan | Twitter: @TXT__News

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