Do you know everything about STRAY KIDS? Do you know everything about STRAY KIDS?

Quiz: How much do you know about STRAY KIDS? Show your knowledge as STAY

STAY knows everything about STRAY KIDS and will prove it very well with this quick and fun quiz

STRAY KIDS has a lot of fans who like to learn a lot about their favorite K-Pop group, so you can show if you are a master STAY with your knowledge of SKZ in this quiz.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups, fans of this type of music have quickly joined the fandom of this idol group thanks to the talents of its members. This boy band always presents the best songs and performances for the people who have followed them through the years.

STAY is the name of the great fanbase that is in charge of showing all their love, support and admiration for SKZ. This fan club is getting bigger and bigger and it can be seen with the records that the group breaks with each comeback, both in sales and on digital platforms. There is no doubt that there are millions of followers of this boy band in the world.

And as good fans, STAY always learns a lot about their favorite group. The fandom is an entire STRAY KIDS encyclopedia that keeps the best secrets of the idol group. Although they also tend to share a lot of information with other fans in general through social networks.

Are you a big fan of STRAY KIDS? Then show how much you know about the group with this fun quiz we have for you, are you a master STAY?

Quiz: Do you know everything about STRAY KIDS?

What is the name of Bang Chan's weekly show?

Who are the leader and maknae of STRAY KIDS?

What is the name of member #9 that STRAY KIDS had?

Are you a true STRAY KIDS fan? | Twitter: @ms_aeilakim

 What are the names of the animal characters in STRAY KIDS?

What subunit make up CB97, SpearB and J.One?

Which members of STRAY KIDS are usually the group's producers?

What is the name of the agency that debuted STRAY KIDS?

Did you write your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Baby STAY

You're a Baby STAY since you know just a little about STRAY KIDS, maybe you need to read more about them or watch more videos, so you'll get to know their secrets. Menawhile, keep listening to and loving SKZ a lot.

You're a Baby STAY | Twitter: @ms_aeilakim

2. Mostly C: Junior STAY

You know some things about STRAY KIDS, but not everything, that makes you a Junior STAY. Maybe you'll read more about them and keep an eye on all of their secrets. But it's okay to just enjoy de music as well.

Junior STAY is your title | Twitter: @eyosxxga

3. Mostly C: Master STAY

You know everything about STRAY KIDS, you're a true Master STAY and it's cool to get to know someone who readsand sees everything about their favorite band!

You're a great STAY! | Twitter: @HWANGHYUNZIN

We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you if you're comatible with Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS.

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