Are you a real Hwang In Yeop fan? Are you a real Hwang In Yeop fan?

Quiz: How much do you know about Hwang In Yeop? Are you a real fan of this actor?

Hwang In Yeop is an excellent actor who has a lot of fans, do you know everything about him? Test it with this quiz!

Are you part of Hwang In Yeop's fandom? Find out if you really know everything about this great actor with this quick and fun quiz.

We have seen Hwang In Yeop in some K-Dramas that have conquered the public. He debuted in the webdrama 'WHY' and since then his acting career has been growing with more projects now being part of his repertoire. Other notable works by this star include 'True Beauty', 'The Sound Of Magic' and more recently 'Why Her?'.

In Yeop has become an extremely popular actor, we know that he has a lot of fans around the world who support, love and admire this celebrity who has worked hard as both a model and an actor. Every new Hwang In Yeop drama has all the love from his fans.

If you are a fan of Hwang In Yeop then you surely know a lot about this actor, because fandoms always turn into big encyclopedias of your favorite celebrities. Some fun facts and even secrets that you don't know. This Korean actor has loyal followers, we know very well.

You can prove everything you know about this actor with this quick and fun quiz, do you know everything about Hwang In Yeop?

Quiz: What level of Hwang In Yeop fan are you? Show your knowledge about this actor

What is Hwang In Yeop's favorite Pokémon?

In which country outside of Korea did Hwang In Yeop study?

What was Hwang In Yeop's English name when he was studying abroad?

Are you a real Hwang In Yeop fan? | Twitter: @not_ur_muffin

In what year was Hwang In Yeop born?

Which of these K-Dramas did Hwang In Yeop appear in? 

What did Hwang In Yeop work on before becoming an actor?

Did you write down all your answers? Time to see the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A

You might be a good fan for Hwang In Yeop but you still lack of knowledgement, you can keep reading more about him and his story to get to know him better.

You don't know a lot about In Yeop | Twitter: @not_ur_muffin

2. Mostly B

You know some things about Hwang In Yeop but you still need to know more about him, you're a great fan for sure, but you're not the best.

You know some things about Hwang In Yeop | Twitter: @not_ur_muffin

3. Mostly C

You're the best Hwang In Yeop fan, you know everything about him and that's amazing! We know you love and support him so much!

You're the best fan | Twitter: @not_ur_muffin

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