Do you know a lot of random facts about Doja Cat? Do you know a lot of random facts about Doja Cat?

Quiz: How much do you know about Doja Cat?

Are you a Doja Cat's hardcore fan? Find it out with this quick and fun quiz!

A lot of Doja Cat fans know everything about this rapper and singer, test your knowledge about her with this fun quiz! You might be the biggest Doja's fan.

Doja Cat is one of the best and most famous artists in the world right now. With her songs, this rapper and singer has made a lot of fans fall in love with her music and with her performances too! Since she gives everything on stage all of the time.

There are a lot of things we can admire about Doja, since she's not only a singer, she also writes and composes her own songs. We also love her iconic, original and unique fashion sense. And when we talk about her personality, we'll find even more things to like.

That's why Doja Cat has a lot of fans now, people who love their music, style and personality. Followers who will be by her side until the end, and they tend to turn into an enclyclopedia too, since they love to know everything about the rapper and share it with the world.

Are you a true Doja Cat fan? Then test your knowledge about her with our quiz, we'll love to know if you unveiled her secrets before.

Quiz: Are you a true Doja Cat fan? Test your knowledge about her!

What year was Doja Cat born?

What is Doja Cat's real name?

How many times has Doja Cat collaborated with Tyga?

Do you know everything about Doja Cat? | Twitte: @blushineri

 Which of these singers has inspired Doja Cat?

Which of these artists loved 'Moo!' of Doja Cat and supported her publicly?

What is the name of Doja Cat's cat?

Did you write your answers? Let's take a look to the quiz results! 

1. 60-90 points: Baby Kitten

You might love every Doja Cat's song but you need to know (like Doja's song, lol) more about her in roder to get a higher score in this quiz. But it was fun tho, keep supporting this great rapper anyways!

You're a Baby Kitten for Doja Cat | Twitter: @dojasgallery

2. 100-140 points: Junior Kitten

Kitten is the name of Doja Cat's fandom and that's something you already know since your knowledge about her is pretty good and you prove it with this quick quiz!

You know some things about Doja Cat | Twitter: @dojasgallery

3. 150-180 points: Master Kitten

You know everything about Doja Cat, you're a master when it comes to being a fan of this rapper and singer, so keep reading and watching more things about her as much as you do.

You're the best Doja Cat fan | Twitter: @dojasgallery

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