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Quiz: How much do you know about BTS? You might be a true ARMY

ARMY knows every secret of BTS, so if you are a good fan take our quiz and find out how much do you know about this K-Pop group

BTS has a lot of fans who tend to know everything about the group and its members, are you a true ARMY? Find it out with this fun quiz.

BTS has one of the biggest fandoms in the world. The followers of this idol group are all over the planet showing all of their love and support for these 7 korean artists who always give the best on each song and performance for their fans who have been there for a really long time.

ARMY and Bangtan Sonyeondan make a great team and their work shows it. All of the boy band's records are thanks to its big fanbase who streams, votes, searches, mentions and more for Bangtan to stand out in social media, awards and much more.

And fans are also a big encyclopedia, ARMY know a lot about Bangtan Boys since the fans tend to watch or read interviews, articles and more content that reveals a lot of secrets about this K-Pop group. So, fans are experts in everything that has to be with Bangtan.

Are you a BTS hardcore fan? Then test your knowledge with this fun and quick quiz that we havefor you, maybe you'll be an expert who would beat the score.

Quiz: Do you know everything about BTS? Test your ARMY level

Who was the first member to join BTS?

Which BTS members lived in Busan?

What's Suga's hometown?

Do you know everything about BTS? | Twitter: @KhuntRenish

 Who of these singers hasn't collaborated with BTS yet?

Who created the word 'Borahae'?

Which BTS members loves tagerines?

Which song was BTS' first win?

Did you write the score? Let's check this quiz results! 

1. 70-130 points: Baby ARMY

You don't know everything about BTS, you're a Baby ARMY, maybe you love this group's songs but you havent's read a lot about them. It's okay! You can always watch more content from them.

You're a Baby ARMY | Twitter: @0613archive_

2. 140-180 points: Junior ARMY

You know a lot of things about BTS but not everything at all, maybe you'd like to read more about the idol group while you listen to their best songs. This makes you a Junior ARMY.

You're a Junior ARMY | Twitter: @kookoocart

3. 190-210 points: Expert ARMY

You know everything about BTS, you're an Expert ARMY who gets to read and watch a lot of things about your favorite idol group, they'll love to know that you're such a big fan.

You're an Expert ARMY | Twitter: @printyoongi

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