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Quiz: How much compatibility do you have with TXT's Taehyun?

TXT has very talented idols and one of them is Taehyun, do you want to know if you are compatible with him? Take our fun quiz and find out

Taehyun is one of the members of TXT, if he is your bias of the group then with this quiz you can discover how much in common you have with him.

The members of TXT are very talented artists, they also have a beautiful personality with which they have conquered all their fans. There are more and more people who stan this young idol group thanks to their work in music and the charisma of their idols that we really love.

One of the members of Tomorrow X Together is Taehyun who belongs to the maknae line because of the youngest members in the K-Pop group. But this doesn't mean that Tae is less talented than his hyungs, he is amazing when it comes to singing and dancing. He has a brilliant talent.

Kang Taehyun is a wonderful artist who stands out for his great talent. He also has a brilliant charisma and great personality. Without forgetting the visuals of this idol that have managed to captivate a lot of fans who belong to MOA and have chosen him as his bias in his K-Pop group.

So if Taehyun is also your TXT bias, then take this quick and fun quiz to find out if you're compatible with this idol. Maybe you have a lot in common with him.

Quiz: Are you really compatible with TXT's Taehyun?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What flavors do you like the most in food?

What matters more to you?

Are truly compatible with Kang Taehyun? | Twitter: @cutecatsquirrel

Which of these arts do you like the most?

What word best defines you?

Which of these animals do you have or would have as a pet?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

You have a low compatibility with Taehyun from TXT, your personalities and interests are pretty different. But we're sure he'll love to know that he has fans as amazing as you.

You're not really compatible with Tahyun | Twitter: @terrynism

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

You cpuld be a good friend for Taehyun since you have an average compatibility with him. You have some things in common and some other that are pretty different but that's cool.

You'd be a good friend for Taehyun | Twitter: @_beomybear

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high compatibility with Taehyun, you could be his soulmate, isn't that amazing? Both have the same tastes and personality, you'll understand each other.

You're Taehyun's soulmate | Twitter: @lgbtyun

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