Take this Huening Kai's quiz! Take this Huening Kai's quiz!

Quiz: How much compatibility do you have with TXT's Huening Kai?

Huening Kai is the maknae of TXT, will you have much in common with him? Find out with this quick and fun quiz

One of the members of TXT is Huening Kai, the youngest of these idols, will you be compatible with him? Here we have a little quiz that will tell you, take it and find out if he would be your soulmate.

TXT idols are extremely talented and have great charisma. They came together to form one of the most relevant groups of the moment. The fame and popularity of this idol group is only thanks to all the work that its members have put into the songs and performances they do for their fans.

MOA appreciates all the characteristics of the members of Tomorrow X Together, who besides being very talented also have a nice personality. Like Huening Kai, he is the maknae of the group and has a super sweet personality. Although he also has a very mature and professional side that shows in his work.

Huening is also someone very attractive, his physical characteristics stand out as he has a perfect combination of his European and Korean roots. This has caught the attention of many fans who make him his ultimate bias and always show him great love and support at all times.

If Huening Kai is your TXT bias, then you can take this quiz that will tell you how compatible you are with him. You may have a lot in common with this talented young idol.

Quiz: What is your compatibility level with TXT's Huening Kai?

Which of these ice cream flavors do you like the most?

Choose your favorite animal from these three

Which of these words best defines your personality?

Do you have a lot in common with TXT's Huening Kai? | Twitter: @dailyhueningie

 Which of these fruits do you like the most?

Choose something you would like to eat today

Who is your TXT bias wrecker?

Did you write your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

Your compatibility with Huening Kai is low since you have different interests and personality features to the ones of him. But he would love to get to know you anyways since you're his fans.

Your comaptibility is at a low level | Twitter: @luvlyning

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

You have an average compatibility with TXT's Huening Kai, you could be a good friend for the idol since you both have som things in common, so you'd share them together, wouldn't that be cool?

You'd be Huening Kai's best friend | Twitter: @luvlyning

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high compatibility with Huening, you have the same interests and personality as him and that makes you his soulmate, we're sue you'll feel understood by his side and you'd have a great relationship.

You're Huening's soulmate | Twitter: @dinohyuka

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