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Quiz: How much compatibility do you have with BTS' Jungkook?

Jungkook is our beloved BTS maknae, this idol could have a lot in common with you, find out in this quiz

BTS has extremely talented and dedicated idols among their ranks, maybe you already know Jungkook, his maknae is great, will you be compatible with him? Our quiz will tell you.

BTS is a K-Pop group with amazing members, all of whom are extremely dedicated to music and the stage. Among these idols we find Jeon Jungkook, who is in fact the youngest in the boy band. Jungkook has worked as a vocalist and dancer in the group and has always shone with his skills.

Jungkook has completely stolen the hearts of Bangtan Sonyeondan fans as he is not only a very talented boy. He also has a nice personality, great charisma and is someone unique. With his hidden talents and others, he has shown ARMY all of himself and the different facets of him.

There is much to admire about JK, and we can't forget that he is one of the most handsome idols in the entire industry, his visuals are simply stunning and this has made many fans completely fall in love with him, it's a great thing. Surely there are many Jungkook biased who would love to date him.

Maybe you are compatible enough with Jungkook, we have here a quiz that will tell you, take it and discover if you are the soul mate of this BTS idol.

Quiz: What is your level of compatibility with Jungkook from BTS?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What talent do you have or would you like to have?

Choose the color you like

Are you really compatible with Jungkook? | Twitter: @97JKHAIR

 What matters most to you about your style?

How much do you like tattoos?

Which Marvel superhero do you like the most?

Did you write down all your answers? It's time to see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

You're not very compatible with Jungkook since you won't share a lot of things in common, your compatibility is actually low, sadly. But he'd love to get to know you since you're a true ARMY.

You're not very compatible with JK | Twitter: @JeonEsHi97

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

You have an average compatibility with JK, it means that you could be best friends since you share some things in common bu you're also different in some elements.

You'd be Jungkook's bestie | Twitter: @purinkoo

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You and Jungkook have a high compatibility level, it means that you could be his soulmate, don't you think this is great? You share a lot of things in common.

You're JK's soulmate | Twitter: @jjksfoIder

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