Take this San's quiz! Take this San's quiz!

Quiz: How compatible are you with ATEEZ's San?

San is one of the talented members of ATEEZ, will you have a lot in common with him? Our quiz will tell you

ATEEZ has some incredibly talented and charismatic members, one of them being San. Take this quiz and find out if you are compatible with this idol.

ATEEZ has amazing idols in their lineup. This K-Pop group found a lot of talent in boys who prepared hard to debut. One of them is Choi San who was born on July 10, 1999. He joined KQ Entertainment in 2016 and it took two years for him to debut with his idol group.

Since then, San has served as a vocalist and dancer for ATEEZ. He is a great artist who has the best musical skills. He has made thousands of ATINYs totally fall in love with the group thanks to his incredible voice that gives a special touch to each song of the boy band.

San also has a beautiful personality, he is someone dedicated and passionate. But he is also fun and cheerful, his happiness is contagious, his duality is amazing. And we can't forget about the visuals of this idol, he is really handsome and we love a lot of the physical features of him that make him really attractive.

Maybe everything that is part of San has conquered you and now he is your ATEEZ bias, if so, then take this quick and fun quiz that will tell you if you are compatible with this idol.

Quiz: What level of compatibility do you have with San from ATEEZ?

Which of these languages would you like to speak fluently?

What do you usually do when you get together with your friends?

What kind of books do you prefer to read?

Are you really compatible with San? | Twitter: @sanizone

 Which of these things do you collect or would you like to collect?

Choose the sport you like the most

What flavors do you like the most?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results for this quiz

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

You don't have a lot in common with ATEEZ's San, your compatibility is low with him, but we're sure he'd love to get to know you and see that you're his fan.

You are not very compatible with San | Twitter: @S2lomatzve

2. Mostly B: Average comaptibility

You have an average compatibility with ATEEZ's San, you could be good friends since both share some things in common and you might introduce him to new things too!

You could be San's best friend | Twitter: @silentcryinyour

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You and Sanhave a high compatibility, maybe you're the soulmate of this ATEEZ idol since you have a lot in common and you'll be really happy together.

Your comaptibility with San is high | Twitter. @SparklyAltarf

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