RM and Jungkook of BTS RM and Jungkook of BTS

Quiz: Do you have the soul of a K-Pop leader of a cute maknae?

The K-Pop group orbit around the leader and maknae. Let's find out which role suits your personality the best.

In Korea hierarchy is a big issue. The culture of this country has an interesting system where age or social status indicates your position in society. That's why K-Pop groups take seriously the roles of each member.

Mostly, the older member would take the position of leader. However, there are too many groups that have broken this rule. The leader is the one who is responsible, confident, and can speak on behalf of the rest of the members.

On the other hand, there is the youngest of the group. This Idol has a big responsibility as well. Since the member is the maknae, the group think is the cutest among the members. Also, his/her youthful energy would encourage the entire band.

Anyways, human beings are more complicated than that. The maknae might has leadership abilities, and the leader has an adorable personality. Just for fun, today we are telling if you would be the leader of the maknae. Here we go!

QUIZ: Would you be the leader of maknae of a K-Pop group?

► Choose a BTS track

► Choose a word to describe yourself

►Do you get stressed easily?

► Are you good to solve problems that involve a group?

► Are you good at expressing your ideas?

► Choose an animal

► Choose a K-Pop leader

► Choose a K-Pop maknae

► Choose a BLACKPINK song

Is time to see your true K-Pop role. 

1. Mosly A: Leader

You are good at listening to others, that's why you understand the ultimate goal of the group. Also, you love to support en encourage the people you love. The best leader ever!

EXO's leader, Suho / Twitter @Mk12EXO

2. Mostly B: Maknae

Your positive energy is the best! You love to have a good time even while you're working. Everyone feels way better after seeing your beautiful smile and lovely charisma.

Tzuyu, maknae of TWICE / Twitter @yodabunnie

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