BTS' RM for 'Proof' BTS' RM for 'Proof'

Quiz: Could you be the soulmate of BTS' RM?

RM is the charismatic leader of BTS. The talented rapper has massive popularity all over the world. Let's find out if you are compatible with him!

All the members of BTS have mentioned how much respect they feel for their leader RM. This handsome Idol is vital to understanding how BTS got to the top of the global music industry.

The 27 year old rapper is well known for his creative and fast raps. Also, his stage presence has already conquered the biggest stage such as the Billboard and the Grammy Awards.

Offstage, his consideration for the rest of the group is just one of the multiple reasons why ARMY loves him that much. His passion and affection for BTS are not a joke.

The smart -and sometimes clumsy- Idol has robbed the hearts of a lot of people from all nationalities. Let's check how compatible you are with Namjoon. Look for a piece of paper and let's find it out.

QUIZ: Are you the true soulmate of BTS' RM?

►Choose your favorite Ice cream flavor

►What would be your perfect date?

►What color fits best with your personality?

►What is your favorite genre for a book?

►What is the thing that you like the most about yourself?

►What is the thing you like the most about Jimin?

Are you ready to find out the result? 

1. Mostly A: You could be friends

You don't have too much in common with Namjoon. However, the Idol can adapt himself to almost everyone.

BTS' RM / Twitter @weverse_update

2. Mostly B: It could happen

You could have different opinions and interests to RM's ones. However, the chemistry is there. Fighting!

RM and TinyTAN / Twitter @fatijjks

3. Mostly C: The perfect Soulmate!

Destiny is telling you that you could be the perfect partner for RM. Both of you could have a great time talking about tons of topics. You're so lucky!

RM from BTS / Twitter @Bellpjmin

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