Take this Changbin's quiz! Take this Changbin's quiz!

Quiz: Are you really compatible with STRAY KIDS' Changbin?

Changbin is one of the STRAY KIDS rappers, how much in common will you have with him? Take our quiz and find out

STAY loves and admires Changbin's work in STRAY KIDS, do you want to know if you are compatible with this rapper? Our quiz will tell you.

STRAY KIDS is an idol group with great artists, the best thing about the members of this group is that they have an active participation in the creation of their music. It is well known that their 3RACHA subunit is in charge of writing and producing the tracks with which this band has delighted us.

3RACHA is made up of SKZ rappers, among them we will find Seo Changbin, a boy with a unique style, his fast verses and great way of executing them have given each STRAY KIDS song a very special touch. The stage presence of this idol is also exceptional.

Changbin is not only an extremely talented artist, he also has a beautiful personality. Although he seems a bit serious and sometimes angry (LOL), the truth is that he is really cute and with a great way of being, very funny and with a brilliant charisma. There is so much we can love about him.

And not to mention Binnie's visuals, this rapper is very attractive and a lot of STAYs have chosen him as their bias in STRAY KIDS, he definitely has physical characteristics that make him very handsome and we also admire this about him. Nothing is left out, everything that is part of Changbin is just great.

If Binnie is your STRAY KIDS bias, then take this quick and fun quiz that will tell you if you're really compatible with this cool idol.

Quiz: What is your compatibility level with Changbin from STRAY KIDS?

What do you like to do in your free time?

How do you consider your personality to be?

Apart from STRAY KIDS, what other K-Pop groups do you stan? 

What is your favorite genre in movies?

Are you comaptible with STRAY KIDS' Changbin? | Twitter: @lqchangbinn

Choose your favorite way to eat potatoes

Choose the Pokémon you like the most

What word do you think best defines you?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

Your comaptibility level with Changbin is low since you don't share a lot of things in common with him. But we're sure he'll love to get to to know that you're his fan.

You're not so much comaptible with Changbin | Twitter: @icedgaeul

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

You could be Changbin's friend since you both have an average compatibility, you share some things in common and some others that are pretty different from each other.

You could be Changbin's friend | Twitter: @icedgaeul

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high comaptibility level with Changbin, you could be his soulmate. Both of you share a lot of things in common and you'll feel that he understands everything about you.

You're Changbin's soulmate | Twitter: @inneology

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