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Quiz: Are you really compatible with BTS' Suga?

Suga is the bias of a lot of people that make up ARMY, find out with this quiz if you are compatible with this BTS rapper

The members of BTS have completely conquered ARMY and it is not surprising that Suga has many fans, but will you really be compatible with him? Our quiz will tell you

BTS has extremely talented and charismatic members. Each one has different abilities like Suga, who has not only performed as a singer and rapper, but is also a songwriter, composer, and producer. Letting us see that the true passion of this artist is music.

Min Yoongi also has a cool personality, although he seems reserved and serious, the truth is that he is just introverted. But he saves the best of himself for his teammates and his fans, besides having a very cute and sweet heart too, we have no doubt about that.

So there is a lot to admire about Yoongi, this Bangtan Sonyeondan member also has amazing visuals that are extremely attractive to many fans, so ARMY has made him their BTS bias or maybe even their ultimate bias. He has really conquered the hearts of many people with all his characteristics.

If Suga is your bias in BTS, then take this quick and fun quiz to find out how compatible you are with this member of the group.

Quiz: How compatible are you with Suga from BTS?

What pet do you have or would you like to have?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What kind of friend are you?

Are truly compatible with Suga from BTS? | Twitter: @myg_selcas

 What do you like the most about Suga?

Which of these Suga songs do you like the most?

Which of these rappers do you like the most?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

You have a low compatibility level with Suga from BTS, your personalities and interests are pretty different. But we're sure he'll love to know that you're his fan.

You're not very compatible with Suga | Twitter: @glossakgae

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

You could be Suga's friend since you have an average compatibility with this idol, so it'd be cool for him to share what you both have in common.

You'd be a good friend for Suga | Twitter: @myg_selcas

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high compatibility with BTS' Suga, you're like his soulmate, isn't it amazing? You both have a lot of things in common.

You're the soulmate of Suga | Twitter: @luvbyjjk

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