Test your compatibility level with TXT's Beomgyu Test your compatibility level with TXT's Beomgyu

Quiz: Are you compatible with TXT's Beomgyu?

MOA loves Beomgyu and maybe you have a lot in common with this TXT member, find it out with this fun quiz

Beomgyu is one of the TXT members, his talents and visuals made MOA fall in love with him, but is MOA the true soulmate of this idol? You can find out with this quick quiz.

TXT is full of talented artists which work together as a great team in music and performances. This is how this boy band has achieved amazing goals quickly and gained the hearts of millions of fans. The lineup of this idol group has amazing boys.

One of the Tomorrow X Together members is Choi Beomgyu, he was born on March 13, 2001, in 2015 he was discovered by a BigHit Entertainment employee who wanted him to join the K-Pop agency, at first, Beomgyu wasn't sure about it but then the employee came back and convinced him.

That's how he started with his trainee period and now he's part of TXT and shines on studio and on stage with the rest of his fellow groupmates. Beomgyu has a great talent for dancing and singing, he has also a good personality and a bright charisma. And we can't forget about the visuals of this idol.

So, a lot of MOAs have fallen in love with Beomgyu but not all of the TXT fans might be Beom's soulmate, would you be it? Find out if you're compatible with him in this quiz.

Quiz: How compatible are you with TXT's Beomgyu?

Which of these animals do you like the most?

What smoothie would you like to try today?

Which of these classes would you like to take?

Are you compatible with Beomgyu? | Twitter: @wltsbeomie

What musical instrument would you like to learn to play?

Besides TXT, which other K-Pop group do you like the most?

Which of these seasons of the year do you like the most?

Did you write your answers? Let's see the quiz results!

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

You have a low compatibility with TXT's Beomgyu since your tastes and personality aren't similiar to the ones of the idol, but he'd love to get to know you as a MOA who supports him so much.

You're not very compatible with Beomgyu | Twitter: @luvt4egyu

2. Mostly B: Average compatibility

Your compatibility with Beomgyu is average, you'd be good friends I can bet since you have some things in common but not everything at all. Maybe you ca be good friends.

You'd be a good friend for Beomgyu | Twitter: @TXTUNOFFlClAL

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high compatibility with TXT's Beomgyu, he's your soulmate I can tell, your interests and personality are very similar to Beom's. So it'd be nice if you get to know him and show all of your love for him.

You're Beomgyu's soulmate | Twitter: @danielvshuanu32

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