Are you Hyunjin's soulmate? Are you Hyunjin's soulmate?

Quiz: Are you compatible with STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin?

Hyunjin is one of the members of STRAY KIDS and if he is your bias then you can discover with this quiz how much in common you have with this idol

STRAY KIDS has the talent of amazing artists, one of them is Hyunjin who has fallen in love with STAY, do you want to know if you are compatible with him? Take our fun quiz!

In STRAY KIDS we can find the talent of super passionate and skilled boys for music. Each of them has specialized in something different, there are great vocalists, agile rappers and amazing dancers. All of them have created a perfect formula that we love to see in the studio and on stage.

One of SKZ's dancers is Hwang Hyunjin, a guy who has a great performance presence and his dancing skills are just on another level. STAY loves to see when this artist is in action and shows off his best moves in every idol group performance.

Hyunjin also has a beautiful personality that he reflects on various occasions, in STRAY KIDS variety content, on the group's Instagram, on VLive, and even in boy band songs that Hyunjin has worked on for his fans. There is certainly much to admire about him.

And maybe Hyunjin has completely smitten you, so if you want to find out if this STRAY KIDS idol is compatible with you, take our fun quiz to find out if you would be his soul mate.

Quiz: What level of compatibility do you have with STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin?

Which of these animals would you have as a pet?

What do you prefer to do when you have free time?

What time of year do you like the most?

Do you have a lot in common with Hyunjin? | Twitter: @skzseungmin22

What would you like to eat right now?

What color combination do you usually use in your clothes?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz!

1. Mostly A: Low compatibility

Your compatibility with Hyunjin is low, they don't have common tastes, and their personality could also be very different. But either way he would love to know that he has such great fans like you.

You're just a little compatible with Hyunjin | Twitter: @reIihyun

2. Mostly B: Medium compatibility

You have an average compatibility with Hyunjin, maybe they have some things in common but not everything, they could be good friends and teach each other new things, wouldn't that be great?

You'd get along with Hyunjin | Twitter: @peachyunna

3. Mostly C: High compatibility

You have a high compatibility with Hyunjin, they are definitely soulmates, isn't that great? They have all the tastes and personality traits in common. So you are definitely the most compatible person with this STRAY KIDS idol.

You're Hyunjin's soulmate | Twitter: @jinniesroar

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