SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo for 'Face The Sun' SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo for 'Face The Sun'

Quiz: Are you compatible with SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo?

Would you like to know if your personality is compatible with Wonwoo? We are telling you what kind of relationship would you have with the charismatic rapper of SEVENTEEN.

Every single member of SEVENTEEN is super handsome. The group itself is a visual dream. Is pretty easy for the member to catch the attention of the world thanks to their wonderful appearances. 

Even if you put your eyes in the group at the group because of the gorgeous members, you'll be joining the fandom after listening to their insane tracks and knowing more about their adorable and fun personalities.

As you may know, the singers of "HOT" are well known for being super energetic out and off stage. However, among many playful Idols, the calm members stand out for their mysterious auras. This is the case with Wonwoo.

He is part of the Hip Hop Team, but he is an awesome vocalist at the same time. Can you imagine how would be to date this talented artist? We are telling you if your personality is compatible with Wonwoo. Here we go!

QUIZ: Is your personality compatible with SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo?

►Choose a Hip Hop Team member

► Choose a Vocal Team member

► Choose a genre to watch on Netflix

► What is your favorite Wonwoo fancam?

► Chose an animal

► Choose the perfect gift for your boyfriend

► Choose a SEVENTEEN B-Side track

Are you nervous? Let's check the result!

1. Mostly A: There is something

You would have great chemistry. However, it could be hard to tell what's going on. We are cheering for you!

Wonwoo from SEVENTEEN / Twitter @woonddy_

2. Mostly B: Just friends

Wonwoo is a loyal and fun friend. Also, he always would be there for you when you need him the most.

Woonwoo for 'In The Soop' / Twitter @wonubliss

3. Mostly C: You're his soulmate!

You have a lot in common. No matter if you are playing a game or hanging out at a museum, you would have the best time together!

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo / Twitter @wonwoofiles

The Hip Hop Team members are great singers. Check these SEVENTEEN songs to enjoy their beautiful voices.

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