SEVENTEEN pranksters SEVENTEEN pranksters

Pranks SEVENTEEN pulled on CARAT on April Fools'

SEVENTEEN is a group with a great sense of humor and has pulled the best pranks for their fans, here are our top 3

April Fools' is a great day for pranks and idols don't miss this opportunity, especially the members of SEVENTEEN, what pranks have they pulled on CARAT?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group full of talented members with brilliant personalities and charisma. Each one has a different way of being that has ended up conquering a large part of the public that has quickly become a fan of the idol group.

In addition, SVT has a great relationship with its fans, we can say that CARAT is a very spoiled fandom thanks to the fact that the idol group prepares the best content for its followers, not only about music. This boy band also has a really fun variety show.

SEVENTEEN is synonymous with fun and is that each of its members has a great sense of humor, Jeonghan could be the most prankster of the group. But Dino also has very good jokes for his companions and for CARAT. They are all very funny.

And the best thing is that SEVENTEEN shows their funniest side in April Fools' with their pranks for CARAT that this year did not miss.

3 pranks SEVENTEEN amused CARAT with during April Fools'

1. Jun's neverending saga

Jun always decides to prank CARAT by pretending to upload a video that is actually a photo or uploading a photo of photos that don't upload to fool their fans LOL.

Jun's pranks | Twitter: @flamehanie

2. Woozi doesn't love CARAT anymore

This April Fools' Woozi said he doesn't miss CARAT anymore, then he said he doesn't love them anymore (Woohae), but when his fan said that was sad, he said not to take it seriously and apologized.

Woozi's prank | Twitter: @miwon17_

3. Woozi and S.Coups (Which is actually Jeonghan and Joshua)

To greet CARAT who has an April birthday, Jeonghan and Joshua teamed up in the special video, but decided to change their names, Jeonghan saying it was Woozi and Joshua saying it was S.Coups just as an April Fools' joke.

These three jokes from SEVENTEEN will go down in history because of how funny they were, which one of them made you laugh the most?

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, they'll soon release an English single that you must listen to. 

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