Popular C-Dramas on Netflix Popular C-Dramas on Netflix

Popular Chinese dramas you can watch on Netflix, these are fan favorites

What are the most popular Chinese dramas? Here we have some of them that you can see on Netflix

China has a lot of series that have become really popular and even Netflix has them in its catalogue. Check out these classic C-Dramas on the platform.

Drama fans have a lot of options to watch, as China also produces incredible series for those who enjoy these productions. There are a lot of Chinese dramas available to the world, they have great adventures, characters, and plots that have really gripped us.

The best thing is that there are several online platforms with C-Dramas available in their catalogues, so you can watch Chinese series with good quality, subtitles and even dubbing somewhere. So the options are even better having access to the internet and a web page or app that is responsible for adding Asian series to its platform.

One of those platforms with a lot of dramas available is Netflix, among its catalog we find series from Korea, Japan and China. And among the Chinese dramas that are on this website and app we have some of the most popular ones. The fans really love these series especially.

So here we have for you some of the most popular Chinese dramas that you can find on Netflix, the platform also has classic series that have really enchanted all fans.

6 Very popular C-Dramas that are available on Netflix, enjoy these classics

1. Love O2O

Year: 2016
Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

In this drama we meet a studious and popular girl who dreams of being a video game designer, she is also very good at a popular video game with a virtual world in which she could even find true love, what will happen after her boyfriend leaves her?

You can watch 'Love O2O' on Netflix, it's a very popular C-Drama.

2. Meteor Garden

Year: 2018
Starring Shen Yue and Dylan Wang

In this series we meet a girl who is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, there she finds the 'F4', a group of rich and popular young people who somehow reign in the school. She is totally opposed to them and this will generate a controversy that we don't know how she will end.

Meteor Garden | Twitter: @LUVDYWANG

Netflix has the full story of 'Meteor Garden' available for you. 

3. Nothing But Thirty

Year: 2020
Starring Jiang Shu Ying and Tong Yao

This C-Drama is about three very different women reaching their thirties while facing different challenges. They decide to take matters into their own hands, what will they do?

'Nothing But Thirty' is available on Netflix for you to watch it.

4. The King's Avatar

Year: 2019
Starring Yang Yang and Jiang Shuying

This is a gamer drama about a professional in video game Glory, for some reasons he is dethroned and removed from this game. But some time later he returns to continue proving that he is strong and his abilities have not changed.

The King's Avatar | Twitter: @DaZhi0909

You'll love the story of 'The King's Avatar', so watch it on Netflix. 

5. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Year: 2019
Starring Fair Xing and Lin Yi

This story leads us to meet a girl who is about to finish college and doesn't know what to do now, she is worried about her future when she has to live with a genius boy. What will her new coexistence be like? Perhaps he will clarify her future.

'Put Your Head On My Shoulder' has such a cute story for you.

6. A Love So Beautiful

Year: 2017
Starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue

In this drama we meet a couple of friends who have been neighbors since they were children and their friendship has been very close over time. They may have a beautiful love story after so long of just being friends.

A Love So Beautiful | Twitter: @rjeanpage

Watch 'A Love So Beautiful' on Netflix.

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