Idols and their pets Idols and their pets

Photos of K-Pop idols with their pets that will fill your day with tenderness

We love seeing idols with their pets, some of them have dogs, some have cats, and some opt for less conventional animals

K-Pop fans not only admire idols, but also their pets, those faithful little animals that also belong to the families of these artists.

There are a lot of things we can admire about our favorite K-Pop idols. First of all, there are their vast talents, they are good at singing and dancing, undoubtedly. Some have hidden abilities like painting, drawing, cooking, even being athletes. Woah! Korea really has a lot of talent.

And obviously we also love the personalities of K-Pop artists, they are often unique and funny in their own way. Each one gives a highly personal touch to everything. This is why many fans not only have great affection for an idol, but also manage to identify and connect very well with them.

And it is that in the K-Pop industry we have people with brilliant, creative, ingenious charismas, sometimes shy and reserved, but unique at the end of the day. And they really share a bit of their lives with us through photos, videos or vlogs on social networks, posts, live broadcasts and others that fans really value.

Perhaps something that sparks tenderness in all fandoms is seeing idols with their pets, some of them have kittens, others puppies and there are even those who have snakes as pets.

10 Photos of idols with their pets that show us the cutest side of these K-Pop artists

1. Taehyung and Yeontan

Woah! Our favorite boys from BTS, Taehyung has Yeontan a pomeranian puppy that all fans love. V adopted him and the dog was kinda sick, but the idol and his family helped him.

V and Yeontan | Twitter: @prettiestdogs

2. Lisa and her cats

BLACKPINK's Lisa has a lot of pets, she calls them 'L Family' since all of their names start with an 'L', of course. She has cats and a dog too, they all are adorable. 

These are some of Lisa's cats | Twitter: @cyanblink

3. Mingyu and Bobpul

In fact, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu has two dogs, Bobpul and Aji, they both are sooo cute, white little clouds which look so happy alongside their owner.

Mingyu Bobpul | Twitter: @gyusnoona

4. Seulgi and Lulu

Seulgi from Red Velvet has two cats, Lulu and Lala, but sometimes she can take pictures with the latter since it doesn't like it when someon is holding him, LOL.

Seulgi and Lulu | Twitter: @baechurenes

5. Jungkook and Bam

Of course! Jungkook and Bam have been our favorite duo since BTS In The Soop 2. The Bangtan's maknae has a doberman that ARMY loves so much.

Jungkook with Bam | Twitter: @urdailyjjk

6. Soobin and Odi

TXT's leader has a non conventional pet, Soobin owns a hedgehog, his name is Odi and he's kinda grumpy but very cute.

Soobin holding Odi | Twitter: @fairychoisoob

7. Momo, Boo and Dobby

TWICE's Momo loves her dogs, Boo and Dobby are amazing, and of course that ONCE loves them too! The idol adopted these cute dogs.

Momo with Boo and Dobby | Twitter: @momosfeed

8. Joohoney, Gucci and Yoshi

Joohoney has such a cool duality, he's amazing and fierce on stage, but off stage he's soooo cute, and he has a couple of cats, he adopted Gucci and Yoshi and he loves them so much <3.

Joohoney with Gucci and Yoshi | Twitter: @monstadoodles

9. Rosé and Hank

BLINK loves Hank which is the dog owned by Rosé, they have a lot of cute pics together, she gave home this puppy that was abandoned by its previous owner, awww! So cute.

Hank and Rosé | Twitter: @beomsiepics

10. Beomgyu and Toto

TXT's Beomgyu has a non-conventional pet just like the idol group's leader. He owns a parrot named Toto, it's been with him for a long time, it was his pet even when he wasn't a trainee. 

Beomgyu and Toto | Twitter: @beomsiepics

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