Park Shin Hye's songs for K-Dramas and K-Movies Park Shin Hye's songs for K-Dramas and K-Movies

Park Shin Hye's OST, this is how the actress has shone with her voice in K-Dramas

Did you know that Park Shin Hye has not only been a talented actress? She is also an excellent singer with many OSTs in her career

Park Shin Hye is one of the most beloved K-Drama stars, but she is also an excellent singer who has participated in the soundtracks for some of her series.

Park Shin Hye has a long career in South Korean film and television. She debuted in 2003 in the K-Drama 'Starway To Heaven' and since then her career in acting has been growing exponentially. Every time she presented new facets with her characters in series and movies, demonstrating all her talent.

With the popularization of Korean dramas, many more fans came who loved and admired Shin Hye's work all over the world and today she is one of the most beloved Korean actresses in the entertainment industry. Her talent in front of the cameras is undeniable and we can't help but admire each of the series in which she has participated.

But acting is not the only talent that Park Shin Hye has, she is also an excellent singer, did you know that? Well, in some of the musical dramas in which she has acted, she herself sings the tracks for each scene. That's great, maybe a hidden talent of this great K-Drama star.

So here we have some Park Shin Hye OSTs for you to further admire her talent as a singer, discover more about this great Korean actress.

8 Park Shin Hye OSTs to Enjoy all of her Talent as a singer

1. Lovely Day for You're Beautiful

'You're Beautiful' is a 2009 K-Drama in which Park Shin Hye played Go Mi Nyeo and also participated in the OST of this series with her song 'Lovely Day', this was one of the first soundtracks she made in K-Dramas.

2. It Was You for Cyrano Agency

Shin Hye also acted in the movie 'Cyrano Agency' and participated in the OST with the song 'It Was You' in collaboration with actress Lee Min Jung who starred in this film.

3. The Day We Fall In Love for Heartstrings

'Heartstrings' is a beautiful musical K-Drama in which we love Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won and it was obvious that she would participate in the OST of this drama. Her song 'The Day We Fall In Love' is magnificent.

4. Memories for Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost

In 'Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost', Park Shin Hye played Yeon Hwa. For this special drama, the actress also worked on the OST with the song 'Memories'.

5. Pitch Black for Flower Boys Next Door

Go Dok Mi is Park Shin Hye's character in 'Flower Boys Next Door', for this K-Drama, the actress also lent her voice and sang the song 'Pitch Black' for the OST.

6. Story for The Heirs

'The Heirs' is quite a classic drama where we could see Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang and in this great K-Drama, the actress also sang on its soundtrack. This time we have the song 'Story'.

7. Love Is Like Snow for Pinocchio

We love 'Pinocchio', a series starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. In this drama, the actress also sang for the OST and charmed the world with her song 'Love Is Like Snow'.

8. Dreaming a Dream for Pinocchio

'Pinocchio' had two songs performed by Park Shin Hye in her OST, we also love 'Dreaming a Dream'. The voice of the actress really stands out in this track.

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