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Park Shin Hye: 5 K-Dramas that will make you love the Korean actress

The K-Dramas in which the actress has participated are recognized worldwide

Park Shin Hye's career has been marked by her talent and her passion for acting, as she has not only proven to be good at acting but also at singing, dancing, and modeling. For this reason, she has also ventured into the world of modeling, participating in advertisements for some Korean companies.

The most anticipated news about the Korean actress was revealed just a few days ago when she shared the news about her wedding with fellow actor Choi Tae Joon, from whom she is also expecting a baby. This undoubtedly moved her fans because she is one of the most beloved actresses in her country.

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Talent is plenty and not for nothing has she been one of the most sought-after actresses in the Korean entertainment industry. Her history of K-Dramas speaks for itself, so we will make a recommendation about some dramas in which this actress has participated.

5 K-Dramas to meet Park Shin Hye

1. Memories of the Alhambra

In this story we will meet Yoo Jin Woo, he is the CEO of an investment company. He is very competitive and will not let himself be won so easily, as well as having a great adventurous spirit. One day he is betrayed by his friends so he begins to fall into depression and to feel better he decides to travel to Granada in Spain to relax. He decides to stay in a place that is managed by Jung Hee Joo played by Park Shin Hye, she is a former guitarist with whom Jin Woo will live some strange adventures.

Memories of the Alhambra teaser | @Soompi

2. Doctors

In this interesting story, Park Shin Hye plays Yoo Hye Jung, a woman who has suffered since she was a child due to the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father, for which she had to move forward on her own. Left alone, she goes to her grandmother's house with whom she decides to live and embark on her adventure in life alone. Growing up, she becomes a neurosurgeon and meets up with an old friend who also works as a neurosurgeon at the same hospital. Both live together for a long time and begin to experience mutual feelings.

Doctors cast | @Rakutenviki

3. Pinocchio

This comic drama is about a young man who, in addition to being very intelligent, has gone through a difficult time in his life because he lost his entire family and due to various situations he is lost at sea. An old man rescues him and decides to adopt him to take care of him. Choi In Ha appears there, she is the granddaughter of the old man who rescued the young man, but she has a condition called the 'Pinocchio Syndrome' which consists of a hiccup attack every time she lies. Over time, both young people will live together for a long time and learn from each other.

Pinocchio | @Soompi

4. The Heirs

This is an intense K-Drama where there will be no lack of emotion and mystery due to the crossing of lives between the protagonists. It is about a group of students from a prestigious high school who seem to have it all figured out, since they are children of powerful families that own the most prestigious companies in the country. Here Park Shin Hye plays Cha Eun Sang, a lower-class girl who is the daughter of the housekeeper of an important Korean family. The drama will not stop surprising you with its forbidden romance and a series of events that will make you want to know more.

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5. Flower Boy Next Door

This story stars Go Dok Mi, a book editor who refuses to leave her apartment due to her shyness, preferring to stay inside and not interact with anyone. One day he begins to pay attention to one of his neighbors whom he was observing through binoculars and discovered what his life is like, so he gradually fell in love with him. She believes in destiny and the power of love because of what she has been discovering.

Flower Boy Next Door | @Soompi

These are some K-Dramas that we recommend you watch to get to know Park Shin Hye's talent and keep track of her upcoming works.

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