Watch these Park Seo Joon's movies Watch these Park Seo Joon's movies

Park Seo Joon movies you must watch to get to know about his film career

Park Seo Joon is an amazing Korean actor, check out some of his movies that we've loved

There are a lot of K-Dramas with Park Seo Joon in the cast but he also has quite a few movies in his career, which ones are the best?

Park Seo Joon is an amazing Korean actor that we have been able to see in a lot of K-Dramas, he debuted in 2012 in the world of dramas. His first series was 'Dream High 2' and since then his career has been expanding with more projects. Thanks to the popularization of dramas, today he is known all over the world.

But the truth is that Seo Joon's acting debut was in the cinema, this actor had his first role in the movie 'Perfect Game' in 2011, a year before acting in a Korean drama. Of course, his career in the cinema has also been lengthening as more projects are part of it.

Now we know that Seo Joon will be making his Hollywood debut soon, as he is cast in the movie 'The Marvels', which is fascinating. We are sure that many more people will appreciate the talents of this incredible actor in the movies after seeing him act in this upcoming movie that will hit the big screen soon.

But before that, you can check out other movies that Park Seo Joon has acted in, here we recommend some of them that you will really love, get to know more of this Korean actor.

5 Movies of Park Seo Joon, know the career of this actor in the cinema

1. The Chronicles of Evil

Year: 2015
Starring Son Hyun Joo and Ma Dong Seok

This movie is about a homicide detective who is about to get promoted when a taxi driver tries to kidnap and rob him, in his defense he almost kills the taxi driver and decides to leave the scene of the crime. But then this case will be assigned to him and how can he run away from himself?

The Chronicles Of Evil | Twitter: @Anbu_G7

'The Chronicles of Evil' is a great movie you need to watch. 

2. The Beauty Inside

Year: 2015
Starring Han Hyo Joo and Park Seo Joon

In this film we meet a man who wakes up every day in another person's body, his strange condition leads him to always work from the privacy of his home where no one can discover his secret. But everything changes when he falls in love, will he be able to return to his original body?

Watch the incredible story of 'The Beauty Inside'.

3. The Divine Fury

Year: 2019
Starring Park Seo Joon and Ahn Sung Ki

In this movie we will see a boy expert in martial arts, he acquires special powers and marks for life by fighting and defeating an evil force. He will try to find answers and in it he will find an exorcist whom he will join.

The Divine Fury | Twitter: @hottaecmadambae

'The Divine Fury' has a great story for you. 

4. Midnight Runners

Year: 2017
Starring Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon

Here we will see the story of a couple of students at the National Police University of Korea who witness a kidnapping and try to find the criminals. But the law doesn't help much, so they will do their own investigation to save the kidnapped girls.

You need to watch 'Midnight Runners' right now.

5. Dream

Year: TBA
Starring Park Seo Joon and IU

This movie will be about a boy who will have to be the coach of a very particular soccer team because it is made up of homeless people who have never played soccer in their lives. Will he be able to make them win a cup?

Park Seo Joon in Dream | Twitter: @TheSarangheOppa

'Dream' hasn't premiered yet but we wanna watch it.

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