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Park Seo Joon: 10 Curiosities that you may not have known about the actor

His talent opened the doors for him to participate in the sequel to Captain Marvel

Although Park Seo Joon started acting in the entertainment industry 11 years ago, he has become one of the most sought-after actors in Korean productions. His performances have been worthy of worldwide recognition that will lead him to act for the sequel to Captain Marvel center of the MCU. This means that he will soon be sharing a recording set next to great Hollywood actors like Brie Larson.

His participation in 'Parasite' by Korean director Bong Joon Ho allowed him to take the important leap in his career as it was one of the most successful Korean films in the Oscars and the world met some actors because despite their little participation in the film allowed him to open doors to a new cinematic world.

10 Curiosities of Park Seo Joon that you may not have known

1. He speaks Spanish

Despite not speaking it clearly, he can presume that he speaks a little Spanish, although he has stated that he understands it more than he can express himself. He learned it thanks to a friend who speaks the language and with him he went over some phrases and thanks to this he learned a little. In the drama 'Youn's Kitchen 2' where he says some phrases.

Park Seo Joon | @Soompi

2. He is the oldest of his brothers

He is the eldest of 3 brothers, he is also very close to his niece because it reminds him of the feeling of family unity, in addition to the fact that his heart softens when he is told that his niece recognizes him in his dramas.

Park Seo Joon and his family | @Soompi

3. Fans

He really enjoys doing fanmeetings and what he would most like to do would be to hug each of his fans and thank them for their unconditional support.

Park Seo Joon | @Soompi

4. He was very shy

He revealed that he started acting out because of his extreme shyness: "I couldn't even order food at a restaurant, I was so embarrassed and wanted to change that." "I joined the acting club at school and that was the first time I wasn't afraid of people's tension."

Park Seo Joon | @Ecured

5. His style

When asked to define his style of dress, he has replied that if he had been asked that question in the past, he would have answered that he likes the formal style. Although now he likes the urban casual style more because it is more comfortable to dress like that.

Park Seo Joon | @Soompi

6. Hairstyle

The hairstyle she wore for her character in 'Itaewon Class' became very popular in Korea. The actor stated that he was surprised by this as it is a difficult hairstyle to control.

Park Seo Joon 'Itaewon Class' | @dramawiki

7. Friends

The actor has stated that he doesn't have many friends but the few he does have are enough. Among them are V from BTS with whom he has a close friendship.

Park Seo Joon and V | @LNpop

8. He's a good kisser

He is well known for creating excellent chemistry with the actresses with whom he has participated in K-Dramas, some of them have even declared that he is a good kisser.

Park Seo Joon kissing | @Soompi

9. Military service

He began his military service at the age of 19, which allowed him to have a normal adolescence and youth, since it allowed him to work part-time in places like any other young person.

Park Seo Joon in his military service.| @Ecured

10. Awards

Among his awards he has 5 awards as best revelation actor; 6 awards in the 'most popular star' category and 3 awards as best television couple.

Park Seo Joon | @Soompi

These are some curiosities that you probably didn't know about Park Seo Joon and now that you know them, you can't miss his K-Dramas because, as we already mentioned, the chemistry he achieves with his co-stars is really amazing.

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