Dramas with Park Bo Gum in their cast Dramas with Park Bo Gum in their cast

Park Bo Gum dramas you must watch to get to know the actor's career

Park Bo Gum is an excellent Korean actor, here we recommend some of his K-Dramas

In a lot of dramas we can find the talent of Park Bo Gum, know everything about his career with these series that we recommend.

Park Bo Gum is an excellent Korean actor who has appeared in various dramas and movies. He debuted in 2011 as an actor in the film 'Blind' and it was in 2012 when he came to television in the series 'Hero'. Since then the career of this celebrity has been growing with many more productions.

Bo Gum's talent and the popularization of dramas has made this actor quickly win the hearts of the public internationally, today there are countless people who can't stop watching and supporting each movie, drama or project in which this actor is working.

Park Bo Gum's characters have gone down in history and many of the K-Dramas he has worked on have become audience favorites. The fans do not stop watching those series in which he has been part of the cast and has lent all his skills in front of the cameras.

Have you already watched Park Bo Gum's dramas? Here we recommend some of them so you don't lose sight of the talent of this great Korean actor.

5 K-Dramas Park Bo Gum has acted in, enjoy more of this amazing actor

1. Love In The Moonlight

Year: 2016
Starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo jung 

This series is about a girl who dresses as a man to help them with their problems, she is an excellent counselor who is soon contacted by the local prince. This is how she starts working at the Royal Palace, will they discover her true identity?

Love In The Moonlight | Twitter: @pannie138

Watch 'Love In The Moonlight' with all of Park Bo Gum's talent.

2. Hello Monster

Year: 2015
Starring Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra

This K-Drama is about the detective department that will be investigating an old but very close case without realizing that the murderer could be the one they least expect, will they be able to solve this mystery?

'Hello Monster' has an unexpected character embodied by Park Bo Gum.

3. Encounter

Year: 2018
Starring Song Hye Kyo  and Park Bo Gum

This story is about a couple who meet in Cuba, both come from different worlds but from the same country and have a great adventure on their journey where love can also be born.

Encounter | Twitter: @theseoulstory

You'll love the beautiful story of 'Encounter', so watch this K-Drama. 

4. Reply 1988

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Hye Ri and Park Bo Gum

This series takes us back to 1988 Korea, you will follow the story of different boys who study in the same school and face various changes in their lives. They all have a different story and dreams that you will be able to see in each episode.

'Reply 1988' has a great story for you.

5. Record of Youth

Year: 2020
Starring Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam

In this drama we will follow the story of 3 boys who are friends and are looking to fulfill their dreams and goals. Maybe life is not as easy as it seems, but they will be able to face it, right?

Record Of Youth | Twitter: @kdramafairy

Watch 'Record of Youth' with a main role of Park Bo Gum.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, we have some of them that are full of fantasy for you.

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