Suga and PSY in That That Suga and PSY in That That

PSY and Suga release That That, what's the best about this collaboration?

BTS' Suga collaborated with PSY in a new song that you'll love, did you watch 'That That' MV? 

Suga made PSY's comeback even more special by producing and featuring in one of the singer's song, we loved 'That That' and there's a lot we can highlight from this collaboration.

Suga from BTS won't only work as a singer, rapper and dancer for the group, he's also a great songwriter, composer and producer. His work is amazing on the studio and he has not only worked for Bangtan, he also makes everything on his mixtapes and he has also collaborated as a producer with another artists.

On the other hand we have PSY, a popular Korean singer who made the entire world dance to 'Gangnam Style', this hit was just great and took all of the attention of international public. PSY won't only sing neither, he has his own label which has a lot of artists.

So, these two great Korean artists were together for a new song. PSY was going to have his comeback and wanted Yoongi to produce one of the songs, but he also wanted Suga to rap in this song, so he made a plan to achieve it! ARMY was so excited to listen to this song and get to know a new face of the BTS rapper with another singer.

Sooo, 'That That' is here and we'll tell you everything we love about it, there are a lot of things that we can highlight in this collaboration of PSY and Suga.

Everything we loved about 'That That', the collab song of Suga and PSY

1. The beat

'That That' has a catchy beat since the very beginning, it might sound simple, but you know that the simple, the better and it gets stuck to our brains easily, it's simply cool, TBH. And it's pretty danceable too!

2. The concept

We loved this western concept, it's very cool, it remind us of BTS' Permission To Dance, Suga is a handsome cowboy in this music video.

That That concept | Twitter: @chimigraphic

3. Suga's rap

We all love Suga's rap, but this time, he was savage with those lyrics, and the way he does it! I mean, it's amazing and it gives the song a unique touch that only Yoongi can give.

Suga's rap in That Tha | Twitter: @victoriavolans

4. The coreography

'That That' has a cool coreography and it seems easy to learn, so we're gonna dance this one too like when we used to dance Gangnam Style. It's so catchy and danceable, we loved it!

That That coreography | Twitter: @Bangtan__78

That That might turn into a great TikTok trend, are you ready to dance to it?

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