Olivia when she was a child Olivia when she was a child

Olivia Rodrigo's childhood photos, meet the young singer as a child

Do you want to know what Olivia Rodrigo looked like when she was a baby? Here are some of her childhood photos

Olivia Rodrigo is an amazing singer, what did she look like when she was a child? These photos prove that the truth is that she has not changed that much over time.

Olivia Rodrigo is one of the most popular and successful singers of the moment. She is quite young, she was born on February 20, 2003. She started her career in entertainment as a Disney actress. By being a part of one of the new High School Musical series, she was also able to test her musical talents.

Olivia is not only an amazing actress, she is also excellent at writing, composing and finally singing. And this is how little by little her talent has shined since her debut in music. Thanks to her creativity and way of working on her own tracks, she has managed to have a deep connection with the public that has become her fan.

Livie is the great fandom that is dedicated to supporting and showing their love for Rodrigo. The singer is now one of the most listened to in the world, digital platforms, album sales and ticket sales for her tour show how popular this great artist is. And just her fans love to know everything about this singer.

Do you want to know what Olivia Rodrigo was like when she was a baby? Here we have some of her childhood photographs that let us see this singer in her cutest stage.

7 photographs of Olivia Rodrigo during her childhood, look at her as a child

1. Baby Olivia

This pic takes us back to when Olivia Rodrigo was such a baby, she is in her walker and she has this crazy hair style we all love, awww! She looks really cute.

Baby Olivia Rodrigo | Twitter: @driveslicense

2. Childish Olivia

It seems like Olivia was having fun that day, of course she's childish, she's a child indeed. We can see her kinda smiling here? Look at how long was her hair! We love it.

Olivia was having fun | Twitter: @driveslicense

3. Child actress Olivia

The first steps of Olivia as an actress were in theater, and here we have some pics when she was a child actress there. Aw! She used to be a sheep in this play.

Olivia acting in threater | Twitter: @TayliviaTeam

4. Halloween

We all love Halloween and here's a picture of Olivia celebrating that festivity back when she was a child, she was dressed as the Cinderella and of course that ghosts wouldn't scare her.

Olivia Rodrigo in Halloween | Twitter: @driveslicense

5. Grace Stirs Up Success

'Grace Stirs Up Success' it's one of the first movies in which Olivia acted and she's here modeling with her on DVD in the supermarket.

Olivia showing that she's in the movie cover | Twitter: @driveslicense

6. Olivia and her cousin

Here we have an older Olivia Rodrigo with her counsin, they're on a tree and it looks like they were having a lot of fun.

Olivia with her cousin | Twitter: @home2liv

7. Singer Olivia

Olivia shone since she was a child, here we have her singin in her home, she was a total star and she loved Hannah Montana too!

Olivia as a child singer | Twitter: @DailyNickJonas

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