Recreate these Olivia Rodrigo outfits Recreate these Olivia Rodrigo outfits

Olivia Rodrigo's casual outfits that you can easily recreate

Olivia Rodrigo can be iconic even in her most casual clothes and you'll want to recreate one of these singer's outfits

We love Olivia Rodrigo's style and she has a great fashion sense even for her casual outfits, which of these could you recreate? There are some quite simple ones that you will surely have in your closet.

Olivia Rodrigo is one of the most popular and relevant singers of the moment. She is an extremely talented artist because despite being young, she is not only limited to interpreting her songs, she has great creativity and is a composer of her own tracks. This is why we see her true self embodied in her music.

Olivia began her career as an actress, but in the series where she was, she was able to also begin to exploit her great talent as a singer. Soon, her career would take off despite her age and she is now a successful star in the international music industry. She even swept the 2022 Grammy Awards.

In addition to being a very talented person, Rodrigo also has a beautiful personality, he is someone who acts mature but also knows how to have fun with his friends and fans. Also, this singer has an amazing style that we can admire. We love the personal stamp that Olivia puts on her outfits.

But even in her most casual looks, Olivia Rodrigo can stand out, so here are some of them that will look great on you too and are pretty easy to recreate.

6 Casual but cool Olivia Rodrigo outfits that you can recreate

1. Truly casual

Sometimes you don't need so much to go out and Olivia Rodrigo is proof of it with this truly casual outfit, it's just a white tank top, jeans and white boots, nothing simpler than this and it looks great.

Truly casual Olivia Rodrigo outfit | Twitter: @livsthinker

2. Alien

We love that little alien that appears on Olivia Rodrigo's vest, she's wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, her purple vest and green pants and she looks just great and without having any kind of super glamorous or shiny clothing.

Olivia looks good in purple too! | Twitter: @livsthinker

3. Puffy jacket

Really, Olivia shows us that we don't need too many accessories or flashy clothes to look good and again with this black puffy jacket, a black blouse and her red pants she looks great and it's something that would not be difficult to recreate.

We loved this Olivia Rodrigo outfit | Twitter: @livsthinker

4. Sweater and skirt

If you like skirts then this Olivia outfit is for you. She is wearing a rather nice oversized blue sweater, a checkered skirt that you can hardly see because the sweater covers it, but it looks super cute and it's simple, you don't need that much.

A cute outfit for you | Twitter: @livsthinker

5. Olive Olivia

Olive color should be Olivia Rodrigo's official color, well maybe not, but she looks great wearing this sleeveless top and olive hat. In addition to the fact that she combines it very well with brown pants, would you wear this outfit? We love it!

Olivia in olive color | Twitter: @livsthinker

6. Dress & mesh

Wearing mesh under short-sleeved dresses is a big trend and Olivia looks great, this dress is very cute and under the mesh is a great outfit that you can surely recreate super easily.

Olivia with a dress | Twitter: @livsthinker

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