OST by BTS that you'd love OST by BTS that you'd love

OST by BTS for K-Dramas, you will love these special songs

BTS has released some special tracks for K-Dramas, giving the best soundtrack for these stories

The talent of BTS' members is reflected on dramas too since they have worked on the soundtrack for different productions.

BTS has the best music for its fans, ARMY enjoys different tracks which have a lot of moods, messages, rythms and more, that's what has coquered a lot of fans. Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs is the main reason why the band has a lot of followers.

And the best part is that Bangtan Boys tend to show different phaces and sides of their talents through their songs, they have song as a groups, some soloist songs, some others are in duo. Every BTS' track has a different story and that's what charms the public.

But, Bangtan members have also worked in special music for dramas, as you might know, there are a lot of idols who contribute to the soundtrack of different productions. And that's how BTS has joined some dramas for their OSTs to shine in korean television.

Which are the best OST made by BTS? We have some of those here, so can you can add them to your playlist and keep listening to the bes songs by this idol group.

4 OST performed by BTS, this is how the group shines on K-Dramas

1. Even If I Die It's You for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

BTS' V and Jin lent all of its talent for the K-Drama 'Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth', with the song 'Even If I Die It's You' that was part of the soundtrack. V also had a role in this drama, so ARMY enjoyed him as an actor.

2. Sweet Night for Itaewon Class

Taehyung sang 'Sweet Night', the perfect one for 'Itaewon Class', a great drama which was starred by Park Seo Joon, ARMY loved this song for the OST of the popular K-Drama.

3. Yours for Jirisan

This time, Jin lent his beautiful voice to give the best song for the drama 'Jirisan', with 'Yours', Seokjin not only charmed ARMY, but he made a lovely appearance in television too.

4. Christmas Tree for Our Beloved Summer

Once again, V put his talent for 'Christmas Tree' a song that you can find on 'Our Beloved Summer' soundtrack, since the idol is friends with Choi Woo Shik, he was chosen for the performance of this song.

These songs are perfect for K-Dramas, and that's how BTS has had a great participation in korean television.

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