New Thai BL dramas New Thai BL dramas

New Thai BL dramas coming soon that you can't miss

If you are a fan of BL dramas, then you will soon have new Thai series to watch with these premieres

Soon there will be new releases of Thai BL dramas that fans of these series won't stop watching, here are some of them.

Thailand is one of the countries that produces the most BL dramas. The stories in which we see two boys develop feelings for each other are usually quite interesting. Among these series we can find a lot of options to see, from school plots to more mature stories.

And there are many fans of BL series who already enjoy some classics, among Thai dramas we find a lot of stories that have become super popular and are favorites of the audience who enjoy this type of drama. There are also more and more options that we can see.

And it is that from time to time and there are more premieres of BL dramas in Thailand, the best thing is that thanks to some digital platforms and specialized websites, international fans can watch these series almost at the same time as they are released in the country but with subtitles.

So here we have for you some upcoming BL Thai dramas so don't miss out on the newest BL dramas with amazing stories you will enjoy.

6 Upcoming Thai BL dramas in July and August 2022

1. Vice Versa

Premiere date: July 16th
Starring Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert and Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok

This drama is about a couple of guys who exchange body, they don't know how this happened since they're from different universes but they might find together a solution for this accident.

The premiere of 'Vice Versa' will arrive soon, so you better watch it.

2. Coffee Melody

Premiere date: July 18th
Starring Pavel Naret Promphaopun and Benz Panupun Vongjorn

This one is about a songwriter who has lost inspiration, he needs to compose a love song but he can't do it. Everything changes when he meets a handsome barista who might become his muse.

Coffee Melody | Twitter: @asiandramapl

'Coffee Melody' is coming soon. 

3. War Of Y

Premiere date: August 2
Starring Lay Talay Sanguandikul and Muse Nattawit Pewngam

This series is about the culture of shipping, when in the industry there are shipped couples and the difficults that might be present. It'll have 4 interesting stories we can watch.

'War Of Y' has such a cool story we all wanna watch.

4. 21 Days Theory

Premiere date: August 7th
Starring Prat Itthichaicharoen and Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin

This BL drama is about that theory that says that it takes 21 days to fall in love with someone, it seems like it's based on a true story of a guy who's now secretly in love.

21 Days Theory | Twitter: @BLUPDATE2022

'21 Days Theory' has a great story to tell soon. 

5. My Only 12%

Premiere date: August 12th
Starring Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote and Santa Pongsapak Oudompoch

This drama is about a couple of friends who are pretty close, one of them goes to study abroad and when he comes back, his friend is kinda different. It seems like he has become more friendly and it makes the other guy jelous, will they have feelings for each other?

You can watch 'My Only 12%' as soon as it premieres on August.

6. Love In The Air

Premiere date: August 18th
Starring Fort Thitipong Sengngai and Peat Wasuthorn Chaijinda

On this series a guy has a problem with his car but a biker comes to rescue him, at first he's stunned by that biker, but when he finds out about his popularity and that every girl likes him, he starts to hate him a little, but you know that hate and love have the same intensity, right?

Love In The Air | Twitter: @MemindyOfficial

We can't wait for the premiere of 'Love In The Air'

Watch more dramas, here we have some of the best BL dramas you need to watch right now.

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