New K-Dramas for you New K-Dramas for you

New Korean dramas to premiere during May 2022, enjoy this fresh stories

2022 May will be filled with new dramas as there are a lot of them scheduled to premiere during next month

New K-Dramas are on the way, we can't wait for them to be premiered, we have new stories for you, so follow each one of their episodes.

Korea works hard on new dramas for fans, there are a lot of classics which we might enjoy it doesn't matter how much time passes since their premiere. So the audience has a lot more of stories to watch.

The best thing is that K-Dramas are unlimited, they have different plots and characters which takes us in adventures full of action, romance, comedy, fantasy and much more through our screens on each episode.

And every month there are new Korean dramas for us, wirters and directors keep creating the best plots for the audience. And sometimes fans can't wait for their premieres since the teasers promise a lot in each new drama.

And during May 2022 we will have new stories to enjoy, here we tell you everything about next K-Drama premieres that you'll love to watch.

Every K-Drama to premiere during 2022 May

1. What Are You Doing in the Office, Share?

Premieres on: May 2, 2022
Starring Lee Hak Joo and Ha Yoon Kyung

This will be a short drama about an independent designer who works in a project with some guy, maybe they'll make a great team and they'll also catch feelings for each other.

You'll love 'What Are You Doing in the Office, Share?', so you better watch it.

2. Bloody Heart

Premieres on: May 2, 2022
Starring Lee Joon and Kang Han Na

This drama will be about a king who should leave his loved one in order to survivem so her wife must turn into a queen and learn how to deal with this new position and its power.

Bloody Heart | Twitter: @prettysup

'We need to watch 'Bloody Heart', and its premiere is pretty close. 

3. There Is No Goo Pilsoo

Premieres on: May 5, 2022
Starring Kwak Do Won and Yoon Doo Joon

This K-Drama tells us the story of a couple of men, one of them is a 40 years old man who has a family and still fights for his dreams. The other one is a 20 years old man who's pretty smart.

'There Is No Goo Pilsoo' will be a fun drama to watch. 

4. The Sound Of Magic

Premieres on: May 6, 2022
Starring Hwang In Yeop, Choi Sung Eun and Ji Chang Wook

This will be a musical drama about a girl who wanted to becomen a magician but she has to work in order to take care of hereself and her younger sister. But everything changes when she gets to know a weird magician.

The Sound Magic | Twitter: @kdrama_menfess

'The Sound Of Magic' will be available on Netflix, so don't miss out this new story.

5. From Today We Are

Premieres on: May 9, 2022
Starring Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon

This will be 'Jane The Virgin' in its Korean version, that's why we get to know a girl who wants to keep her virginity until she gets married but a medical mistake gets her pregnant without the intercourse.

Let's watch 'From Today We Are' which is AKA 'Woori The Virgin'.

6. O’PENing – XX + XY

Premieres on: May 9, 2022
Starring Choi Woo Sung and Ahn Hyun Ho

This K-Drama tells the story of a student who was born with both sexes and will have the right to make a great decision for them future, what will happen next?

O’PENing – XX + XY | Twitter: @heeejjinn

'O’PENing – XX + XY' will have an interesting story.

7. The Blue House Family

Premieres on: May 22, 2022
Starring Cha In Pyo and Ye Ji Won

This will be a sitcom about Korean's goverment and the president with a lot of comedy, we'll see the first lady too and more adventures of this family.

'The Blue House Family' will be a great drama you'll love to watch.

8. Rose Mansion

Premieres on: May 13, 2022
Starring Im Ji Yun and Yoon Kyun Sang

This will be an exciting thriller in which someone will be looking for them sister in the place that she used to live with strange neighbors who hide a lot of secrets.

Rose Mansion | Twitter: @korean_list

We'll love the story of 'Rose Mansion', so we won't miss it out. 

9. Golden Mask

Premieres on: May 23, 2022
Starring Cha Ye Ryun and Lee Joong Moon

This drama will be about three women with different interests and personalities, envy will reing here and there will be a big conflict, who will win?

Watch 'Golden Mask' which has a great plot.

10. Eve

Premieres on: May 25, 2022
Starring Seo Ye Ji and Lee Sang Yeob

In this drama we'll follow the story of a woman who asks her husband for divorce with a trillion won demand which shocks the nation. But the worst thing is that the daughter of this couple has to suffer.

We're ready to watch 'Eve' with its interesting story.

11. Doctor Lawyer

Premieres on: May 27, 2022
Starring So Ji Sub and Im Soo Hyang

This K-Drama is about a talented surgeon who stops working in the hospital due to a terrible mistake, then he turns into a laweyer to helop with medical injustices.

Doctor Lawyer | Twitter: @amari_singapore

'Doctor Lawyer' will be available soon, we can watch it on May.

Keep watching more dramas, like these ones with Lee Joon Gi watch the ebst of this actor.

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