New girl groups and new songs for you New girl groups and new songs for you

New K-Pop girl groups' songs that will refresh your playlist

Do you know any girl groups that just debuted? Here we recommend some songs of new K-Pop groups with the best girls

In K-Pop we constantly see new groups debut and that is why the fans' taste expands with new idols, which newly debuted girl groups should you listen to?

K-Pop agencies continue to find great talent in many parts of the world. Every time we can learn a little more about super talented trainees who are improving their skills in the various entertainment companies in Korea in order to debut as soon as they are ready.

During 2021 and even at the beginning of this 2022 we have met new groups with young talents and promises that take the stages and show fans why they should start a new band. It can be difficult, but they always bring new proposals to the public.

And the truth is that the competition is also strong in the K-Pop industry, but either way there is always a way to shine, with innovation and authenticity from the different new groups that we can get to know as they debut. Do you already have a new favorite K-Pop rookie?

If you haven't ventured out to listen to new K-Pop groups yet, here we recommend some recently debuted girl group songs that you should definitely listen to.

5 new songs from girl groups that just debuted in K-Pop

1. Eleven by IVE

IVE debuted in December 2021 under the agency Starship Entertainment, this girl group quickly caught the attention of many fans and with their song 'Eleven' they succeeded in various music programs in Korea.

2. WA DA DA by Kep1er

Kep1er debut after Girls Planet 999 was scheduled for December 2021, but due to the idols' health problems it was delayed to January 2022 and with 'WA DA DA' they conquered the public.

3. Bop Bop! By VIVIZ

In February 2022, VIVIZ debuted under Big Planet Made agency, their debut had been delayed a bit, but finally we were able to have their talents as in the song 'Bop Bop!'.

4. O.O by NMIXX

JYP Entertainment thrilled the world with NMIXX, a new girl group that initially generated great anticipation. And even though his song 'O.O' wasn't very well received at first, maybe you should give it a try.

5. Love In Bloom by ILY:1

ILY:1 is a new girl group that debuted on April 4, 2022, their style is just pretty cute, so we invite you to listen to 'Love In Bloom' by these young idols who are just starting out.

Now you have new songs and groups to listen to, we hope you like our recommendations <3.

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