New K-Pop boy bands New K-Pop boy bands

New K-Pop boy bands' songs, these are the new talents of Korea

There are a lot of new idol groups in K-Pop, and here we have some of the newest songs from boy bands that will give a fresh touch to your playlist

K-Pop agencies are always looking for innovation and they tend to debut new idol groups each year, have you give new boy bands a try? Here we recommend some songs that you need on your playlist. Get to know these rookie K-Pop groups.

New boys and girls keep working as trainees to debut soon, a lot of K-Pop agencies keep looking for new talents and auditioning the best prospects for new iodl groups which fans will love in the future. We know that there are already a lot of bands in K-Pop, some of them are the favorite ones and keep growing in the international music industry. But we should give rookies a try too.

Trainees from different countries keep giving the best of them all to prove that they have the power, strenght and talents to shine on stage. And that's how little by little new boy bands or girl groups are formed by K-Pop companies. There are some predebut projects which fans are excited for their debut. But there are also a lot of new groups that need a lot of attention.

During 2021 there were a lot of idol groups debuting and shining on stage. Some of them are ready for a new comeback that fans can't miss out, some others debuted during the beginning of 2022 and are excited to keep showing their abilities to the world.

So, here we have some songs from new K-Pop boy bands that you need to listen to. These rookie idols are just too talented and you need their tracks on your playlist.

6 songs from new K-Pop boy bands that prove the new talents in the industry

1. Lock Down by EPEX

In 2021 EPEX debuted under the company C9 Entertainment, 'Lock Down' was one of their first songs which gainned a lot of attetion from fans since it had a unique rythm, great beats and amazing voices from the members of this boy band.

2. Tick Tock by JUST B

JUST B debuten in June 30, 2021, it's an idol group of 6 members which has a great energy and 'Tick Tock' is a great proof of that, you need to listen to this song from the new boy band.

3. All Eyes Down (advance) by LUMINOUS

Barunson Entertainment debuted LUMINOUS, a new idol group with four members who combine their talents so well, their teamwork has been so good and we love 'All Eyes Down (advance)', a dong from 'Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego)' released in 2022.

4. TNT (Truth&Trust) by TRENDZ

TRENDZ was the first boy band to debut in 2022, they did in January 5 and their cool style and great way of rapping and singing has been taking all of the fans attention, specially with 'TNT (Truth&Trust)'.

5. Bad News by TEMPEST

In March 2, 2022 TEMPEST debuted, finally! Some fans were expecting for this debut to happen. These idols are from Yuehua Entertainment and took the stages with 'Bad News', a great song that you'll love.

6. Parallel Universe by NINE.i

NINE.i is an idol group from FirstOne Entertainment, these new idols debuted in March 30, 2022 and showed all of their talents with 'Parallel Universe', a really good song which will refresh your playlist.

Are you starting to stan some of these K-Pop groups? They all are just amazing, keep listening to all of their songs!

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