Watch these C-Dramas on Viki Watch these C-Dramas on Viki

New Chinese dramas you can watch on Viki, check out the best of 2022

There are plenty of new C-Dramas premiering in this early part of 2022 and some of them are available on Viki

Viki has endless options in its catalog for fans of Chinese dramas and here we have some new ones that are being released on the platform.

Chinese dramas have a lot of stories for fans, there are plots of all kinds and with various origins, characters and others that have ended up completely conquering the audience. There are many things that we can appreciate in these series.

The C-Dramas are full of epic adventures that we can not stop seeing and there are more and more new dramas to see. Perhaps there are already classic stories in these series, but we also have other fresh plots that we can enjoy as their episodes are released week after week.

So in this 2022 we have new Chinese dramas developing their stories and on some platforms like Viki you can see the episodes released every week. So there are many new C-Dramas that you can watch with subtitles and good quality. Do you know which one to wacth today?

So here we have some new C-Dramas for you and these ones are availabe on Viki, check out their strories and enjoy the best of them all!

5 new C-Dramas available on Viki, watch their new episodes on the platform

1. Don't Be Shy

Premiered on: April 2022
Starring Lu Yun Feng and Zhao Huan Ran

This drama is about a young girl which turns into a CEO since her father died and he used to be the owner of the company. But her life changes unexpectedly since she also has this weird nightmare with a warning from the grim reaper.

Don't Be Shy | Twitter: @meiqpl

Watch 'Don't Be Shy' on Viki! 

2. Master Of My Own

Premiered on: April 2022
Starring Lin Geng Xina and Tan Song Yun

On this C-Drama we get to know a woman who dreams of becoming a great investor, but she's trapped in her job and is searching for new opportunities and a professional grow, will she achieve it?

'Master Of My Own' is available on Viki for you to watch it.

3. Reset

Premiered on: January 2022
Starring Bai Jing Ting and Zhao Jin Mai

This one is about a woman who lives an accident multiple times since her life was caught in a loop, she's trying to get out of this thing and then takes another passanger of the bus of the accident into this loop.

Reset | Twitter: @CTVD_Meow

You'll love the story of 'Reset' which is available on Viki. 

4. Love In Flames Of War

Premiered on: April 2022
Starring Chen Du Ling and Shawn Dou

In this Chinese drama we find the story of a couple who falls in love kinda quickly, but there are some things which seems to make their romance as something impossible for them.

Watch 'Love In Flames Of War' on Viki.

5. Love Unexpected

Premiered on: Febraury 2022
Starring Yang Ting Dong and Gong Wan Yi

In this series we see the relationship between a nutritionist and a lawyer, at first their relationship is only professional but after a strange time travel, she begins to get more involved with him, what will happen?

Love Unexpected | Twitter: @cdrama_mu

'Love Unexpected' has an interesting story for you.

 Keep watching more dramas, here we have some BL Japanese ones for you, enjoy these stories.

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