New C-Dramas for August 2022 New C-Dramas for August 2022

New Chinese dramas that you can see in August 2022, watch all these premieres

In August 2022 we will have new Chinese dramas to watch, here are some of them that you will not want to miss

Do you want to see more C-Dramas? New Chinese series will be released in August 2022 which you should definitely watch, just give them a look and you will be hooked.

In China there is a lot of talent and we can see it through the dramas of this Asian country. Each story and character takes us on a different adventure that has ended up capturing the public completely. This is why fans of Asian series tend to always be on the lookout for Chinese dramas.

And like every month, August will bring new releases of C-Dramas to the whole world. This is because there are more and more platforms on which weekly episodes of these dramas are released. There are also fan sites that are responsible for subtitling and sharing your favorite series for the whole world.

Without a doubt, every new Chinese drama is a great adventure for fans, we have action stories, historical stories, fantasy stories, romance stories and more that really get us hooked on their plots. We can't help but see them and also discover premieres that they bring us from time to time. If you are fans of Chinese series, then here we have some for you.

These Chinese dramas will premiere during August 2022, so we hope that you can take a look at them as soon as their first episode is released, what adventures will Chinese TV bring this time?

All the C-Dramas that will premiere in August 2022

1. My Way

Premiere date: August 1, 2022
Starring Chen Shu and Zhang Xinyi

In this drama we will see that four mothers are shocked after the suicide of one of their best friends. They will search for the cause of this and may find a very dark truth.

My Way | Twitter: @korean_list

'My Way' has a very interesting plot. 

2. Fen Jie Xian

Premiere date: August 1, 2022
Starring KK Cheung and He Bing

This drama is about a waterman and a criminal policeman who meet each other and then somehow they get to become friends, how did this happen? We'll get to know more abouto their story.

You can watch 'Fen Jie Xian' as soon as it premieres.

3. Miao Jun Ba Xin! Cai Jin Ye

Premiere date: August 2, 2022
Starring Jin Jiayu and Yan Zhichao

This drama is about an idol who gets to a sports university in order to learn something special, a girl is assigned as his teacher even if she doesn't want to and hate can lead us to love, right?

Miao Jun Ba Xin! Cai Jin Ye | Twitter: @aisssah1

'Miao Jun Ba Xin! Cai Jin Ye' has an interesting story to tell. 

4. My Honey

Premiere date: August 2, 2022
Starring Jin Zihan and Jiang Xinxi

This C-Drama is about a campus romance, it's kinda complicated since one of them has two faces and the other one is someone patient but has a fear of intimacy that might make evrything weird.

You need to watch 'My Honey'.

5. Checkmate

Premiere date: August 10, 2022
Strring Hu Yi Tian and Zhang Yun Long

In this series, a young lawyer is fired from his job for being faithful to his own principles, so he moves from Beijing to Harbin to learn to be a detective and will soon live new adventures there.

Checkmate | Twitter: @syalalllaaa

'Checkmate' will bring us a new adventure.

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