Newest BL Korean dramas on Viki for you Newest BL Korean dramas on Viki for you

New BL K-Dramas you can watch on Viki, enjoy these fresh stories

Viki has a lot of Korean dramas for you, here we recommend some of the newest BL in their catalog

One of the best platforms to watch K-Dramas is Viki and this site has a lot of BL in its catalog, which ones are the newest?

Korean drama fans have plenty of options to watch their favorite series legally, with good quality and subtitles. Since K-Dramas have become so popular all over the world and not all of us can speak or understand Korean, but we can always enjoy the stories in these productions.

And there are many platforms where we can find endless dramas, whether they are those classics that were previously released, some that are still on the air, and even some exclusive and original ones from the site in question. This time we can talk about Viki, a great platform to watch Asian series.

Some very good and popular ones are BL dramas where two people of the same sex discover their attraction and feelings. They tend to be very sweet plots but also with internal problems and fear. There is a lot of emotion and great moments in this type of series that many fans enjoy.

The best thing is that on Viki we can find many BL K-Dramas where two guys discover their feelings for each other. And of these there are releases from time to time, so Viki has the newest ones for you, here we recommend some of them.

6 of the newest BL K-Dramas that are available on Viki

1. First Love, Again

Year: 2022
Starring Jin Gun and Jeon Chang Ha

This BL drama is about a couple who met a lot of time ago, they're now living in their third life and the guy wants to find the girl he fell in love with before. But this time his love won't be a girl but a boy, will he accept him in this life?

You can watch 'First Love, Again' on Viki.

2. Semantic Error

Year: 2022
Starring Park Seo Ham and Jae Chan

This K-Drama is about a couple of guys who get to know each other at school, even if they're pretty opposite and they even study different things, they might find something in common and love will be born.

Semantic Error | Twitter: @blisanewblack

You'll love 'Semantic Error', so watch it on Viki! 

3. Oh! Boarding House

Year: 2022
Starring Im Sung Kyun and Shin Yong Seok

This drama is about a guy who should be in charge of the boarding house of his mother and that's how he gets to know all of the guys who live there, they become friends but there's someone who might be developing another kind of feelings for him, will he reciprocate those feelings?

'Oh! Boarding House' is available on Viki for you to watch it.

4. Behind Cut

Year: 2021
Starring Han Gi Chan and HOLLAND

This one tells the story of a guy who has a dream, he wants to become a famous clothing desinger. On the other hand we meet an optimistic boy but who actually doesn't have a dream at all, these two meet each other and find something interesting and their feelings are connected. But what will happen when a third person appears in their lives?

Behind Cut | Twitter: @k_drama_lover__

You can watch 'Behind Cut' on Viki. 

5. Kissable Lips

Year: 2022
Starring Kim Ji Woong and Yoon Seo Bin

This BL K-Drama is about a vampire who wants to die, and in order to achieve his death, he needs to drink the blood of someone pure. And he's lucky since he finds a perfect boy for this, but if he falls in love, he won't like to drink the blood of his beloved one.

'Kissable Lips' has a mysterious story that you need to watch on Viki.

6. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Year: 2022
Starring Ok Jin Uk and Kang Hee

In this drama we get to know the story of a guy whose parents died, so he gets an adoptive family with a son who's his same age. They're kinda opposite but when they get to the same highschool everything might change, will they feel like brothers there? Love might sparkle now that they're older.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter | Twitter: @gendernv

 You'll love the story of 'Cherry Blossoms After Winter', so watch it on Viki.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some for book lovers! You're gonna love these stories.

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