K-Dramas on Netflix K-Dramas on Netflix

Netflix original korean dramas that you must watch right now

Netflix has created some of the best korean drama for fans of this series, watch their amazing stories on the platform

K-Drama fans enjoy a lot of these series on Netflix, and the platform not ony offers those that premiered on south korean television, it also has original ones that you watch.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms all over the world, its compilation of series and movies makes it perfect for every fan to watch and have fun. The best thing about this site and app for smart devices is that it has added korean dramas to its list.

So, K-Drama fans can use Netflix to watch some of their favorite series, there are some classics with our favorite actors, some of those are premiering new episodes every week, and they're not limited only to a genre or kind of story, so, this platform is the best for the public that enjoy dramas.

And Netflix is aware of the succees of the korean, japanese and chinese dramas on its listm so, the company has created original ones to have exclusively on the platform and most of them have turned into a total hit all around the world.

If you haven't watch the Netflix' original K-Dramas on its list, we recommend you the best ones, you'll be charmed by its stories and amazing characters.

4 Netflix original K-Dramas that you can watch on the plaform

1. Move to Heaven

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Je Hoon and Tang Joon-sang

On this drama, we get to know to Geu Roo whose father dies and then his uncle Jo Sang Goo becomes his tutor, both have to resume Roo's father activities so they have to organize items left behind by deceased people.

Watch Move To Heaven on Netflix | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

'Move To Heaven' has an amazing story and it's available on Netflix. 

2. Hellbound

Year: 2021
Starring Yoo Ah In and Park Jung Min

This drama tells the story of a misterious cult that believes in a terrible profecy for human race, since this relegion says that some angels of death will come to earth and exterminate the whole human race.

Hellbound's poster | Twitter: @iconickdramas

You'll find a very interesting story by watching 'Hellbound' on Netflix

3. Squid Game

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo

This is one of the most popular K-Dramas of 2021, if you haven't watched it you better do it soon, it's about a competition for a big price, but the games on this race are brutal and full of evil, the participants might lose their lives at any given moment.

You'll love Squid Game on Netflix | Twitter: @theseoulstory

'Squid Game' has an incredible story that you must watch if you haven't yet (or re-watch if you already did) 

4. All Of Us Are Dead

Year: 2022
Starring: Park Ji Hu and Yoon Chan Young

This is one of the newest korean dramas on Netflix, it tells the story of a group of students who must survive in their school since a zombie virus spread at the place, so we will follow them in this adventure.

Don't miss All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix | Twitter: @theseoulstory

You better watch 'll Of Us Are Dead' on Netflix if you haven't yet.

Keep watching more korean dramas, we reommend you some BL drama that you will love, these have some romantic stories. 

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