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Netflix: 5 Series that have been released this 2022

2022 will be a great year for the entertainment industry for its premieres

Netflix is the most important streaming platform at the international level because it was the pioneer in this type of digital content, which caused other companies to choose to follow in its footsteps by betting on creating original content depending on what the audience asks to see either series, movies or a documentary.

The series play an important role even more than the movies due to the investment not only of money but also of time that the recordings of all the chapters that make up the stories represent. International productions see a great opportunity to carry out their stories with one of these digital entertainment giants due to their worldwide reach.

It is for this reason that we recommend some Netflix series that have been released in 2022 and that you cannot miss.

5 new Netflix series you can't miss

1. Chosen

This Danish story is directed by Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christian Potalivo who had already worked on another series from that country premiered on Netflix called "The Rain", a bet on issues that have to do directly with catastrophes on earth although in Chosen it is more related to the Universe.

The story revolves around a group of teenage friends Marie (Andrea Heick Gadeberg), Frederik (Andreas Dittmer) and Mads (Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt) who live in a town where a meteorite fell 17 years ago, the townspeople see in this the opportunity to get out of their depression because now they are being known all over the world. The group of friends must investigate the meteorite because a revealing secret hides this event that nobody suspects but only they will have clues to discover it.

Chosen teaser | @Netflix

2. The woman in the House

This series mixes suspense and mystery in a story considered a psychological thriller that tells us about the life of Anna, played by Kristen Bell, a mother who is traumatized by life and she has an alcohol problem that leads her to suspect a possible murder caused in the opposite house.

Her only daughter died, so she took refuge in drinking to feel calmer, combining it with antidepressants, which we well know this combination can cause hallucinations. That's why no one believes her what happenedd in the house across the street, so she decides to investigate what happened on her own.

The Woman in the House teaser | @Netflix

3. Archive 81

It is a series of horror and science fiction that is created by Rebecca Sonnenshine based on the script by Paul Harris Boardman. An archivist accepts a suspicious job offer to restore a set of tapes that were damaged by fire.

This situation leads him to meet a documentary filmmaker. In these tapes he finds content that is mysterious because a filmmaker has disappeared just when he was investigating about a satanic sect. You can't miss this story if suspense stories are your thing.

Archive 81 | @Netflix

4. The Orbital Children

This is a science fiction anime series that is set in the future where anyone can travel to space with ease. A group of children with great hopes and dreams that due to fate are lost in space and each one will look for a way to return to their place of origin.

The world is threatened by an attack ship that seeks to destroy the planet Earth, the children, for their part, will look for a way to stay alive to prevent their home from being destroyed.

The Orbital Children | @Netflix

5. In From the Cold

This series is described as a series of spies with supernatural touches and is about a single mother of American nationality who is detained by the CIA during a trip to Europe with the intention of reliving her past as a spy for Russian intelligence. In her past she was part of the ranks of a secret experiment which gave her supernatural abilities.

Someone with similar skills has been committing crimes and only she can stop him, but to do so, she submitted to a difficult decision: to save her family by undertaking the dangerous mission or to return to her life of constant danger by taking care of those who tried to return her to past life.

In From the Cold | @Netflix

These are some series options that were released so far in 2022 and that you cannot miss. Netflix has started working on new productions and is not wasting its time because there are still many premieres of both series and movies of which we will be attentive to share the information with you when they are released.

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