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Netflix: 4 Movies with Oscar nominations that you cant miss

  The streaming platform has films that have received Oscar nominations

Netflix has been one of the most important streaming platforms in the entertainment industry and since it began producing its own movies and series, its popularity has been increasing among audiences around the world. A week ago, the nominees distributed in 23 categories were revealed, including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, etc.

For this reason we will recommend some movies that have been nominated in some category and that you can find on Netflix. The Oscar Awards will be held on March 27, 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

4 Movies with Oscar nominations that you can watch on Netflix

1. The Power of the Dog

This film is the one that obtained the most nominations, completing a total of 12 in which the Best Film stands out. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch playing Phil a rancher who has a strong and dominant personality with his younger brother George played by Jesse Plemons who marries Rose played by Kirsten Dunst who suffers from constant abuse by Phil who will also make her life impossible to Rose's son until the story takes a drastic change.

The Power of the Dog | @Netflix

2. Tick, tick…Boom!

This story stars Jonathan played by Andrew Garfield in a musical film where Jonathan is an experienced musician who has worked for much of his life creating his own musical that he intends to sell to a Broadway producer. When Jon turns 30, he feels that time has run out and begins to live with anxiety away from his friends due to the stress to which he is subjected of his own free will. This film earned Andrew Garfield a nomination for Best Actor.

Tick, tick...Boom! | @Netflix

3. The Lost Daughter

This film has a nomination for Best Actress for Olivia Colman and the story is about Leda, a woman who has taken a vacation in front of the sea where she watches a mother and her little daughter while she feels overwhelmed by her memories of terror, confusion and anxiety. .

The Lost Daughter | @Netflix

4. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

This film is nominated for Best Animated Film and is about a dysfunctional family that must solve its problems due to a series of misunderstandings between father and daughter, for which they undertake a trip to the other side of the country in order to live together, but fate had a surprise because the planet is invaded by robots with artificial intelligence who want to eliminate humans.

The Mitchells vs.the Machines | @Netflix

These are some films that have been nominated in some category of the Oscars and that you cannot miss to understand the reason for their nominations.

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