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Netflix: 3 K-Dramas you must watch if you liked All of Us Are Dead

Korean productions have been characterized by the quality of their stories

When we talk about the world of Korean entertainment, we think directly about the quality of its productions, whether in movies, K-Dramas, music, etc., because that Asian country has shown that it is up there with any leading country in the entertainment industry. Streaming platforms have taken advantage of the success generated by these stories, so they have made their own productions to be able to take them anywhere in the world.

All of Us Are Dead is an example of this success because it is not yet a week since it arrived on Netflix and it already tops the popularity charts worldwide. The story of a group of young high school students who are invaded by a virus turning their classmates into zombies has drawn a lot of attention and has been billed as the next 'Squid Game' in terms of K-Drama popularity levels.

If you have finished watching All of Us Are Dead and you are left wanting to see more, you cannot miss this list with some K-Dramas that we recommend you watch on Netflix.

3 K-Dramas you can't miss if you liked All of Us Are Dead

1. Kingdom

You will like this drama if zombies are your favorite subject and what makes this story special is that it is set in the Joseon period (1392-1897) and tells us the story of the crown prince Lee Chang and his struggle to find the reason why its people are becoming zombies because its spread is advancing very fast and it is becoming a serious problem in the country.

He must also discover what happened to his father the king who disappeared without leaving any trace.

Kingdom teaser | @Netflix

2. Sweet Home

This drama is full of suspense as it follows the story of a young man named Cha Hyun Soo who moves into an apartment located in a building which is invaded by a class of monsters to which Hyun Soo must interrupt his plans to commit suicide because His parents died and I know he was left alone with no intention of staying alive.

In his fight against these monsters he joins a group of people who are also fighting for their lives. These people are neighbors of Cha Hyun Soo, so they must work together to take care of themselves and get out of this dangerous situation alive.

Sweet Home | @Netflix

3. Rampant

This story is similar to Kingdom as it takes place in the Joseon period and here we meet Lee Chang, a prince who is exiled and taken hostage by the Qing dynasty. When his older brother Lee Young comes to the throne, he calls Lee Chang back as his skills as a sword fighter are very timely on top of being his brother.

On his return, Lee Chang discovers that a kind of zombies is causing chaos and he will have to do about it if he wants to get out alive and protect his own from the unbridled attack of those monsters that are killing the population.

Rampant | @Netflix

These are some K-Dramas that you cannot miss if you have already finished watching All of Us Are Dead. Zombies are a topic that since it arrived has generated a lot of emotion among the audience due to the terror that these beings cause in addition to their abilities as devourers themselves that will scare you more than once.

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