Chinese dramas with mysteries that will catch you Chinese dramas with mysteries that will catch you

Mystery Chinese drama you need to watch, these series will catch your eye

Many C-Dramas take us through amazing mystery stories, here we recommend some that you won't stop watching.

The mystery always catches the public completely, that is why many writers and directors decide on this type of plot in their dramas, here we recommend some produced in China.

China is a great series-producing country, its dramas are not a joke and lead us to have great adventures through its plots and characters. The actors of that country embody in the best way great characters that we cannot stop loving with each new episode.

We also enjoy the great talent and dedication of writers and directors who capture simply phenomenal stories. In addition to the fact that they always use great locations that allow us to know the beauty of China through their C-Dramas, there is much that we can appreciate in these television series.

And it is that the plots are not limited either, it depends on each fan, they will choose the favorite, there are those who love those stories full of romance, others will like historical dramas. There are those who prefer to see stories full of action and for all tastes there will be a perfect Chinese drama to enjoy at all times.

Although you may enjoy mystery stories, there are also Chinese mystery dramas that you will be solving with each new episode. Here we have some recommendations.

5 mystery C-Dramas you'll need to watch, enjoy their interesting stories

1. My Roommate is a Detective

Year: 2020
Starring Hu Yi Tan and Leon Zhang

This drama is about a serial killer who is worrying a town, it is when a genius returns to his place of origin and will help the police to solve this case that plagues the locals. Will he find the truth?

My Roomate is a Detective | Twitter: @DdanaCha

'My Roommate Is A Detective' has a story you won't want to miss.

2. Evil Minds

Year: 2015
Starring Chen Ruo Xuan and Wang Long Zheng

This C-Drama is about a genius criminal psychologist who teams up with a police officer to figure out the mystery behind a series of campus murders. This leaves him traumatized and looking for help from someone professional. But everything could get worse.

The interesting story of 'Evil Minds' will make you love it, so watch this drama.

3. A Murderous Affair In Horizon Tower

Year: 2020
Starring Yang Zi Shan and Guo Tao

This series will take us to meet a pair of detectives who investigate the mystery behind the murder of a beautiful coffee shop owner. Little by little they will gather the evidence to find an answer to this case.

A Murderous Affair In Horizon Tower | Twitter: @weeguttersnipe

Once you start 'A Murderous Affair In Horizon Tower', you won't be able to stop watching its plot. 

4. Day And Night

Year: 2017
Starring Pan Yue Ming and Liang Yuan

In this drama a man is accused of having murdered an entire family, his twin brother will try to investigate the case, but being a relative of the accused, he is restricted and assigned to another team that will also need his help. Both twins will team up to solve this case.

'Day And Night' has an interesting plot that will completely surround you.

5. Ultimate Note

Year: 2020
Starring Joseph Zeng and Xiao Yu Liang

In this series we follow 3 young explorers on their journey to the snake kingdom, what will happen on their way until they want it? Your path will be full of mysteries that could be revealed little by little.

Ultimate Note | Twitter: @xukun32365184

The mysteries of 'Ultimate Note' are simply amazing.

 Keep watching more Chinese dramas, we have some full of romance, that you'll love lots.

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