K-Dramas full of music K-Dramas full of music

Musical Korean dramas that you must watch, these have incredible stories

If you love music and K-Dramas then this musical dramas are perfect for you

Sometimes music and dramas get together and make the best K-Dramas with amazing OSTs, plots and characters, here we recommend some of them.

K-Drama fans have a lot of options to watch, since the creativity and work of writers and directos is in each one of this kind of series. There are a lot of stories and adventures which we can live through our screens and devices. Dramas from Korea have conquered the whole world.

So, you might enjoy Korean dramas since the popularization of Asian series has been growing lately. And that's great since there are a lot of options to watch. Some dramas are about love and romance, some others are full of fantasy, or action, for example.

But there are also K-Dramas which combine music with romance or fantasy and that's even cooler, isn't it? You might find new songs to love and which complete a cool story to watch. In this kind of dramas we will even get to know fictional groups which we dream them to be true.

We recommend these musical korean dramas for you, watch the best ones and enjoy their stories and their songs on each episode.

5 musical K-Dramas to add to your watchlist, enjoy the best music and stories

1. The Liar and His Lover

Year: 2017
Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Joy

This K-Drama is about a musical genius who hides his true identity and a girl who falls in love with him since the very first time she sees him. Even if he rejects her at first, maybe he'll find something beautiful in this girl.

The Liar and His Lover | Twitter: @JoyOnThisDay

Watch 'The Liar And His Lover' with great music and an incredible plot. 

2. Mary Stayed Out All Night

Year: 2012
Starring Moon Geun Young and Jang Keun Suk

In this drama we'll see some kind of love triangle since there's a girl who can choose between two guys, one of them is the member of a music group who's been her friend for some time. And the other one is a rich guy from a good family, she has to choose in 100 days.

'Mary Stayed Out All Night' has an interesting story full of music.

3. Idol: The Coup

Year: 2021
Starring Ahn Hee Yeon and Kwak Si Yang

This korean drama is about a K-Pop girl group which is about to disband, but the idols of this group have just one goal to reach and it's to achieve a hit before disbanding, will they make it to this goal?

Idol: The Coup | Twitter: @WJSNDAILY

You can watch 'Idol: The Coup' and get to know more about its story.

4. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Year: 2012
Starring Sung Joon and L

In this story we get to know a rock band called Eye Candy and its members who are studying in highschool, everything changes when their school is closed and they're transferred to a new one where they'll find an enemy band.

'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' has great adventures for you to watch.

5. Fly Again

Year: 2021
Starring MONSTA X's Hyungwon and Kim Myung Ji

This drama is about a guy who dreams to become an idol, that's why he gets to an arts highschool but his goal will be hampered by an accident, how will he try again to achieve it?

Fly Again | Twitter: @SMONX26_

'Fly Again' has a great story you need to watch. 

Keep watching more K-Dramas here we have some starred by Park Shin Hye, one of the best actresses.

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