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Movies that serve as sequels to some BL dramas that won't have a second season

Sometimes BL dramas don't have a second season but they do have a movie that serves as a sequel to the series

Some BL dramas have a continuation in a movie that shows us the complete closure of the stories in these series, here are some of them.

BL dramas are stories in which two boys of the same sex obviously have a love story. But they are not usually conventional romance stories, since homosexuality is obviously a subject that is still prejudiced in a certain way. And many times, the protagonists are not only facing society.

Well, generating feelings for a person of the same sex could also generate mixed feelings and confusion. So we are following the plots in BL dramas. And the best thing is that there are this type of series created in Korea, Japan, Thailand and more, so there are no limits to knowing their stories and characters.

There are a lot of fans of Asian dramas who enjoy BL and they really manage to conquer the world with their love stories. Well, in the end, gender or sexual orientation doesn't matter when there is real love. It is great to see this beautiful feeling born in the main couple.

Some BL dramas do not have a second season, but they do have a movie that serves as a sequel to them and closes the story that we follow in the series. Here we have some of them.

5 BL dramas that have a movie as its sequel

1. Cherry Magic

Did you know that actually Cherry Magic has a movie as a sequel? This is a Japanese BL drama in which we get to know a man who has his 30th birthday and he's still a virgin, that's why he now has a power to read the minds of people who touches him, that's how he finds out that the most popular worker in his company is in love with him.

Cherry Magic movie | Twitter: @mileapocherry

'Cherry Magic' movie was released on April, 2022. 

2. Gameboys: The Movie

'Gameboys' is such a cool BL drama in which we get to know Gavreel and Cairo, a couple of gamer boys who fall in love actually. And this filipino drama had its sequel with this movie released in 2021.

So you can watch first the drama and then 'Gameboys: The Movie'.

3. His

'His' is the sequel for the drama 'His – I Didn't Think I Would Fall In Love', in which we see that some time passed since the end of the series and the main couple was still together, then one of them leaves the other and when he comes back he has a daughter, what?

His movie | Twitter: @boyslovetv

'His' was released in 2020. 

4. The Novelist

'The Novelist' starts with a writer who's having this crisis and he meets oen of his old school mates who helps him to get out of that mental block by making him write pornography then they get involved together but end up in separate ways. And this has a movie in which it seems like they both got what they wanted.

You can watch this drama and movie, but it doesn't have a happy ending, tbh.

5. Hello Stranger: The Movie

'Hello Stranger' is a Filipino drama which is placed during pandemic so love is born at distance. But in the movie we can see the characters meeting in real life and making their romance something real and not virtual anymore.

Hello Stranger: The Movie | Twitter: @ofcsurvivoree

'Hello Stranger: The Movie' made a lor of fans real happy, so watch this drama and his movie sequel.

Keep watching more movies, here we have some in which the Korean actor Park Seo Joon acts 

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