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Movies starring Zendaya to watch on marathon, this is the best of her career

The 'Euphoria' star, Zendaya has a great filmography! This is the best of her career on the big screen.

HBO never fails! This studio is producing some of the most acclaimed series of the last few years. A couple of months ago the second season of "Euphoria" became a global sensation. It is an amazing show about teenagehood.

The protagonist of this story is Rue Bennett, the character played by Zendaya. The first season of the series and her brilliant performances gave her a Critics' Choice Television Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award trophy.

This talented lady is conquering the world thanks to her awesome acting skills. At the same time, she has millions of fanatics all over the world admiring her fashion sense. She is one of the most important fashion icons of Gen Z.

Would you like to explore her career on the big screen? If the answer is yes, then, you are in the correct place. We have for you the best movies with Zendaya. Since the gorgeous actress chooses interesting projects, all these films are perfect.

The best movies with Zendaya to watch on marathon

1. Malcolm & Marie (2021)

It follows the complicated love story of a movie director named Malcolm Elliot (John David Washington) and  Marie Jones. The photography and Zendaya's performance will blow your mind.

'Malcolm & Marie' poster / Twitter @HFrunway

2. 'Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Zendaya has participated in the three recent Spider-man movies. However, this one let her role as MJ shine more. Also, the movie is very fun.

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' poster / Twitter @andreaadgz

3. Dune (2021)

'Dune' is a visual pleseaure! For this gorgeous film, Zendaya took the role of Chani, a member of the Fremen tribe. The best option to watch on your time off.

Zendaya for 'Dune' / Twitter @LookingforVera

4. The Greatest Showman (2017)

What about a musical film? Here Zendaya is Anne Wheeler, a trapeze that works in P. T Barnum's Circus. The music and story are addictive!

Zendaya for 'The Greatest Showman' / Twitter @fergarciaguilar

Have you watched one of these movies?

Right now Zendaya is getting ready to film the second part of 'Dune'. While we are waiting for the premiere, check these fun facts about the successful movie.

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